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Books are always the perfect present from McPhee to Landau -- see August 21, 2016 column by Elisabeth Sherwin.

Woodland warmly welcomes author Jimenez -- see August 15, 2016 column by Elisabeth Sherwin.

Bilingual poet Francisco Alarcón takes his artform to talented next generation -- see August 7, 2016 column by Elisabeth Sherwin.

Kaleidoscopic Vietnam voyage uses history, lit, film, oral interviews -- see August 2, 2016 column by Elisabeth Sherwin.

Memoir writing in the mountains requires tissues and time -- see July 27, 2016 column by Elisabeth Sherwin.

Styron and Cheever have talent, daughters and demons -- see May 1, 2016 column by Elisabeth Sherwin.

Printed Matter mourns the loss of four great writers -- see April 1, 2016 column by Elisabeth Sherwin.

Lucky No. 6 of Henry VIII's wives was Catherine Parr -- see April 1, 2016 column by Elisabeth Sherwin.

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Lt Frank Sherwin, photographced by Clarke Thornton. 
"In the photo, [Lt Frank Sherwin] wearing his leather flight jacket with the “night hawk” insignia (drawn by Milton Caniff of the “Steve Canyon” comic strip fame). It looks like he has his hands on his hips as he grins into the camera. The photo was taken on a windy day. He looks young, brave..."

Follow this link to theAugust 15, 2005 feature in the Davis Enterprise and part of PRINTED MATTER ON THE WEB.

Caption by Elisabeth Sherwin, quoted from the above, linked column.

Photo by unknown, circa 1944.

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