Dave Friendly Radio
Stations that play Dave's two CDs

The following stations have received a copy of CANDY SHOWER, SNAPSHOTS, or both. Some have played Dave's songs, some have not, but if you call or email a station in your area and request Dave's music it can't hurt... Thanks!
KALW— San Francisco, CA
KKUP — Cupertino, CA
KZSC — Santa Cruz, CA
KRCB— Santa Rosa, CA
KLLC — Eugene, CA
KRVM — Eugene, CA
KHUM— Arcata, CA
KZYX — Philo, CA
KQEX— Fortuna, CA
KZFR — Chico, CA
KDVS — Davis, CA
KVMR — Nevada City, CA
KUOP — Stockton, CA
KFCF — Fresno, CA
KCBX— Santa Barbara, CA
KPFK — Los Angeles, CA
KAOS — Olympia, WA
KBCS — Bellevue, WA
KSER — Linwood, WA
KFAI — Minneapolis, MN
WCUW— Worcester, MA
WDIY— Allentown, PA
WMUH — Bethehem, PA
WNFC — Henneker, NH
WEBR — Fairfax, VA
WTTU — Cookeville, TN
KUMR— Rollo, MO
KXCI — Tucson, AZ
WRKF — Baton Rouge, L
If you heard Dave on the radio in your area, or have a station which you think would play Dave's songs (that is not on this list yet), please email us below!
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