Dave Nachmanoff at the Palms Playhouse, Davis CA, April 4 1998

This was a special event for Dave, as a new live CD was being recorded: release details will be on this site as soon as available.

Review by Bob Baker:

The setting has got to be unique: a barn with a bar, elevated stage and, I'd guess, less than 75 seats. I went with a good friend from Chico (who met Dave the same time as I, when he played with Al Stewart three or four summers ago on Mt. Shasta) and two from my neck of the woods in Petaluma - all avid music fans with previous exposure to Dave's music. We arrived quite early and located great seats. We all found the setting intimate, appealing and quite...novel. By the time Dave began his first of two sets, the building was bursting at its seams, packed with an enthusiastic yet polite audience. The energy was unmistakable and only continued to intensify throughout the show.

I've seen Dave perform enough times now that I generally take a flawless show for granted. This one, despite my listening very carefully and critically, ensures that I'll continue to do so. Complete with his typically superb guitar (Mr. Artificial Harmonic!) and piano execution, lyrical themes ranged from "blame it on El Nino..." to the evocative "Little Visitor," touching on emotions from very clever humor to reflective and thought-provoking appeals. Each set covered a wonderful, creative range of styles and lyrical themes. Dave's guest musicians (including wife Jennifer on bass) were all stellar and contributed tremendously to the overall dynamism of the scene and sound on stage (a little mandolin here...a little guitar to complement the piano there and again, ya just gotta love that bass player!). Dave sequenced each set such that solo takes alternated nicely with guest appearances. Moreover, despite my being hooked by all the new stuff, it was delightful to see and hear tequila anthem "Cactus Juice," "Postcard to Stan" and others already in circulation. Naturally, myself and (I dare say) everyone in that surreal setting anticipates the publication of the CD. It was a wonderful experience for all, Dave included.

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