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Short Songwriting

For children:

Assembly Options:

Title:   My Son the Folk Singer!
Length:  45—50 minutes
Grade Level:  K—6

Dave shares some of the songs he's written, explains a little bit about the techniques usedto write those songs, and a little bit about his background as a child performer, and how he became a professional folksinger. The performance includes some songs written with different groups of children of approximately the same age group as the participants. There is a lot of singing along and some opportunity for percussion sounds and movement. The second half of theassembly involves a group writing a song with Dave guiding the process, calling on volunteers to provide words and melodic and rhythmic ideas. Some room is left at the end for questions and answers about songwriting.

Title:  Student Songwriters!
Length: 45—60 minutes.
Grade Level:  2—7

This program is the culmination of workshops held in the individual classrooms, either earlier the same day, or on the day before the assembly.  At these individualized workshops, students in each class will write a song with Dave's guidance.  Different techniques will be used in each classroom.  At the assembly, each class will perform the song(s) they have written with Dave, and Dave will explain the techniques used to create the songs.  At the beginning of the assembly Dave will perform some of his own songs, and at the end he will hold a question and answer session about songwriting.

What some folks have said about Dave's workshops

"What a great workshop! Dave's 'Songwriting for Kids' was creative, funny, enthralling and entertaining, holding every one of that large group of kids riveted at his feet. If they took away special moments from the 6th Annual Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts, with its more than 140 performances and events, the songs they wrote and sang with Dave are sure to be amongst them."  —Karen Hanen, Executive Director, Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts, Port Angeles, WA

"Dave has an amazing talent for taking anything that the kids say and helping turn it into the most amazing song.  Every week I was astounded at what they would accomplish,from surfer punk to ballads, Dave took us on a tour of the musical world. I highly recommend Dave Nachmanoff to any person, adult or child, who has an interest in furthering their musical pursuits."  —Nancy Wallin, Director, Village Homes Day Care, Davis, CA

"Among Dave's many notable attributes is his ability to combine a high level of professionalism with genuine warmth and informality.  He instinctively creates a feeling of intimacy in which people discover the freedom of self-expression. Dave's energy comes from the heart.  I have been deeply moved watching years roll away from worn and wrinkled faces as long-buried memories were reawakened by his music.  It is magic, and it is powerful."  —Donna Hirschfield, Activity Director, Palm Gardens Assisted Living Facility, Woodland, CA

"I found Dave's songwriting class enjoyable, educational, and motivating.  Through a variety of exercises, tricks of the trade, and song sharing, Dave offered his expertise in the art of songwriting clearly and with great enthusiasm.  Novice or veteran songwriters will be inspired through Dave's ability to convey the various skills necessary to write songs."  Jack Peterson, songwriting workshop participant

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