Officers 2006

President: Arun Sen,
Vice President: John Chendo,
Treasurer: Betty Weir,
Recording Secretary: G Richard Yamagata,
Corresponding Secretary: Julia Sanchez,
Publicity: Mary Lou Hernandez,
Membership: John Chendo,
Newsletter: Tanya Chalupa,
Past President: Tony Gruska and Bob Bockwinkel,
Appointed members:
Rick Gonzales, Rhonda Gruska, Julia Hunter-Blair, Adrienne Kandel, Eileen Lindsay, Jim Provenza, Pam Nieberg, Jim Pollock, Jim Provenza, Bill Ritter, Carl Schmid, Barbara Slemmons, Lyle Smith, Joyce Wilson

The Davis Democratic Club elected new officers at its February 2006 membership meeting. Energetic members of the club are encouraged to submit their names for officer positions in January 2008 (President, V.P and Program chair, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Chair, (Appointed positions: Membership Chair, Newsletter Chair) ) or if you would like to be appointed as a working member of the board to Bob Bockwinkel or Tony Gruska email: or phone 848-8634.

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