Board Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM by Stephen Souza on Tuesday, January 7, 2003. This meeting was held at the home of Barbara Slemmons.

Present (6 total) were:
President: Steve Souza,
Vice President: Barbara Slemmons,
Recording Secretary: G Richard Yamagata,
Publicity: Barbara Slemmons,
Past President: Bob Bockwinkel,
Board members: Mary Lou Hernandez and Susan Peter-Thompson

Stephen bassed out a list of active board members at the beginning of the meeting. In an effort to stimulate activity, it was stated that the club needs to know who is active on campus. Stephen will ask Kingsley for the names of the student leaders of the Democrats on campus. We also need to recruit more members for the board. The web site has been getting correspondence from people that are interested, but many of these are not local to Davis. A number of names were floated as potential board members.

It was reported that the club send a bouquet of flowers to Joyce Wilson. She was currently a patient at Sutter Davis hospital. She is recovering from a heart condition. Barbara stated that she would check with Barry to see if Joyce can have visitors. [On a personal note, Joyce Wilson was the person that inspired me to become recording secretary for the club. She was a very pro-active Vice President of the club in 2001. I wish her a rapid recovery.]


Betty Weir is also injured with a fractured back. She is at home and Barbara stated that she would check to see if she would accept visitors. She sent a budget report. We have $2086.76 in the checking account. This does not include deposits of $1360 and $150 that were made to the account. These totals were collected at the last fundraiser, the Christmas Party. We also have a $5000 certificate of deposit. All figures are estimates. The largest expense for the club is and will be bulk stamps for mailings. There is a phone bill that came to the closed headquarters which is the responsibility of the central committee for payment.

January General Meeting of the Club

Adrian Catrall is asking for support against the Patriot Act. It was decided that a vote would be taken at the end of the meeting and that Adrian would be invited to speak at the meeting.

It was decided that the club would print the mailing labels and allow Adrian to place the labels on a mailer advertising the meeting. Adrian is a current member of the Davis Democrat Club.

The price of the mailer will be 24 cents per piece.

Bob Bockwinkel moved that the Executive Board of the Davis Democrat Club take the position that it is against the Patriot Act. Susan seconded the motion and it passed unaminously.

For the potluck, the alphabet will be divided into 3 parts. This will be done by Stephen Souza. Depending upon one's last name and its position in the alphabet, people will be asked to bring either a main dish, a salad, or dessert. The meeting will be on Tuesday, January 28, 2003 in the Blanchard Room at the Davis Branch of the Yolo County Library on 14th street from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. The executive board will clean up from 8:30 to 9:00 PM. The club will provide coffee, cups, plates and utensils. A donation of $5 will be requested at the door for the potluck. The discussion program will be free.

February Meeting of the Club

The February meeting topic will be the Future of the Democratic Party. It is proposed that we invite electeds to the meeting. Scott Lay will be asked to invite the electeds. The meeting will have a late date in the month. There should be a lot of electeds at the meeting from West Sacramento, Davis, Woodland and Sacramento proper.

With no other new business or announcements, the meeting was adjourned at 8:31 PM.

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