Board Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Stephen Souza on Wednesday, April 16, 2003. This meeting was held at the home of Betty Weir.
Present (10 total) were:
President: Steve Souza,
Vice President: Barbara Slemmons
Treasurer: Betty Wier
Recording Secretary: G Richard Yamagata,
Board members: Mary Lou Hernandez, Jim Pollock, Tony Gruska and Mike Syvanen
Guest: Carolyn

The Secretary arrived at 7:09 PM and the meeting was called to order.

Carolyn from the Woodland Democrat Club came to the meeting. She reported about the Woodland club and gave us their mailing address:
Woodland Democrat Club
PO Box 325
Woodland, CA 95776

She asked for a quote for mailing out bulk mail. The permit was quoted as costing $120 plus 7.6 cents per piece of mail.

She asked for the cheapest price for photocopying, which in Davis is Copyland on G Street.

She also stated that there is a need for a new meeting place for the Next Chapter bookstore claims that there is a boycott by the Republicans. They were stated as doing this in response to the peace vigil that was held there. She requested that if any club member had received the e-mail about the boycott that a copy be send to her.

Stephen reported that Tony was overwhelmed by the number of people that attended and by the joint resolution that he received and the plaque from the club. Stephen also stated that he awarded Tony one of the bottles of Maritnelli's sparkling cider and that Tony was appreciative.

Betty reported that there was a total of $170 brought in for the potluck and $220 in dues for a total of $390 for the event. There is a total of $9,199 in the bank for the club.

Betty was and has been going over the members that have not paid their dues. The board members should be all paid up by the end of the next meeting and should be bringing their checkbooks.

Stephen reported that the club did not take in over $25,000 last year and thus was exempt from filing a tax return this year.

Names of members that may or may not run were: John Garamendi Jr, Sue Greenwald, and Stephen Souza. It was stated that Don Saylor has not paid dues in years. Suzi Boyd is arrears in her current membership to the club. Stan Forbes and Mike Harrington belong to other political parties.

The minutes for the February General Meeting and the March Board Meeting were submitted to the board. The February General Meeting minutes were moved for approval by Tony Gruska, seconded by Stephen Souza and passed unaminously. The March Board Meeting minutes were changed to note the correct spelling of Betty's last name and moved for approval by Stephen Souza, seconded by Mike Syvanen and passed unaminously.

This event will be a late date in May or June. It was stated that even if this event were held in late May, it could rain, like it did last year. It was suggested again that we invited the two elected Mikes as guest speakers. The start time for this event was debated and a poll was taken. The general concensus was that noon until 3 PM was a good range of time for the event. Bob Bockwinkel will be asked to pick up the champagne and champagne glasses as in past years. The club board members will bring the food for the event. Press for the event was discussed, but without a date, no conclusions were reached. Mary Lou suggested that we have live music for this event and she would ask Julia if she would be willing to play the piano for this event.

PLEASE NOTE EVENTS AFTER MEETING -- the Cook's replied that they wanted the event to take place on the 28th of June. It is listed on the club web site as Sunday, 28th of June. The 28th of June is a Saturday, not a Sunday. A correction or clarification is requested.

No further discussion of this event took place. Please note that past meeting notes stated plans for a dunk tank and research into renting a Margarita dispenser for this event. None of this was discussed as nothing was reported about the Yolo County Central Committee participation, which the club voted that for them to participate, they needed to provide financial backing and labor for the event.

The club has committed to taking Saturday, the 16th. We will have time slot sign-ups closer to the event.

This date for this event will be August 28th. More details will be worked out, closer to this event.

Stephen said that he still has to talk to Robin to find a date for this event. Tentatively, we are still talking the end of September.

The party at the Kaplan's is on the 5th of December. The 5th has been secured as the date for this event.

The next Democratic Club board meeting will be at a place to be decided on Tuesday, May 13th. (It was decided to have the meeting at Betty Weir's home)

The meeting was adjourned at 8PM by Stephen.

These minutes are respectfully submitted by:

      G Richard Yamagata

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