Board Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Stephen Souza on Tuesday, June 10, 2003.
This meeting was held at the home of Betty Weir.
Present (12 total) were:
President: Steve Souza,
Vice President: Barbara Slemmons
Treasurer: Betty Weir
Recording Secretary: G Richard Yamagata,
Board members: Bob Bockwinkel, Mary Lou Hernandez, Julia Sanchez, Jerry Lester, and Susan Peter-Thompson
Guests: Carolyn (from Woodland Democrat Club), Adrianne Candell and Dr. Marvin Goldman
The Secretary arrived at 7:20 PM and the meeting was in process at the time.

It was reported by Betty that there was a total of $900.25 brought in from the last club event and from dues for a total of $900.95. There is a total of $9,267.95 in the bank for the club.

There is a total of 38 couples and 33 singles for a total of 71 memberships with 109 individual members.

It was discusssed that the Champagne Brunch event could be used to get membership enrollment up. There was a suggestion that we need to send out post cards for a reminder for people to pay their dues. There was another suggestion that we employ a phone bank to contact people to solicit renewals. The final suggestion was that we should use the "red dot" on the newsletters to remind people to send in their money before employing any of the other methods that have been discussed.

In regards to the newsletter, Stephen suggested that Adrienne Candell edit and write the newsletter in addition to Scott. Her e-mail address is Adrienne Her phone number is 758-3969. Please send articles and correspondence for the newsletter to her. This suggestion was modified, where Adrienne suggested that her daughter be brought on as the newsletter editor.

The minutes for the May Board Meeting were submitted to the board. The minutes had been moved and approved before the arrival of the secretary

The Davis Democrat Club gears up for partisan elections. The group will take positions on issues and propositions as the board or as the general membership. There is a difference between the two bodies. The main thrust is to campaign to elect Democrats to public office. The club does not endorse candidate running in open primaries, but will support the Democrat nominee for the general elections.

The club is progressive. The club sets up public forums and discussions. An example of this is the club meeting on the Patriot Act. The club sponsors fundraiser events such as the Champagne Brunch and the 4th of July booth.

Mary Lou nominated Adrienne Candell to be elected to the Democrat Club board. Barbara Slemmons seconded the nomination. Adrienne was elected unaminously.

It was stated that after Adrienne’s election to the board that the board list for the club needs to be gone over and purged.

A list of items was distributed by Stephen for people to sign up on what to bring to the fundraiser.

Suzanna Malk will be invited to be the keynote speaker for this event to speak on elder care and abuse. Suzanna is the ADA assigned in Yolo County to investigate crimes involving elder care abuse.

It was suggested that Dave Rosenberg be invited to speak about the Recall of Governor Davis. Adrienne made a motion that he be asked to speak at the Champagne Brunch on this issue. Mary Lou seconded the motion. The motion was not carried for it was pointed out that one cannot instruct an elected to speak about a specific issue.. Stephen said that he would talk to Dave about saying a little about the recall.

Helen Thompson and Lois Wolk are expected to attend the event, but it is unknown if the two Mikes will attend (Congressman and State Senator). It was stated that the district electeds know well in advance about the Champagne Brunch and the Bean Feed and have it on their calendars.

Once again it was stated that the general understanding is that the electeds will speak on what they want Questions are allowed at these events and can be asked of the electeds.

It was stated that a copy of the counter petition will be made available to be signed at the Champagne Brunch.

Will the club participate with a position on the budget issues facing the state? There was no motion made and no vote was taken.

The club newsletter is sent out to remind the membership of club events and to educate the public. We can do a tabloid format if we have enough material to fill the newsletter and Bob Bockwinkel feels we have the advertisers to fund the tabloid.

Adrienne asked what latitude her daughter would have as the newsletter editor. She was told to use her own judgment and it was understood that she would talk to the board or the club president before publishing anything. Adrienne also asked for things to be passed on to her for inclusion into the newsletter.

It was decided that Stephen will ask Bill Ritter to bring Vonnie to the Champagne Brunch.

The fundraiser booth will have a Hawaiian theme. There will be lais and Hawaiian music. The drinks will be non-alcoholic and be red, white and blue. The flavors will be strawberry pinacolada, zombie, blue Hawaiian, and tropical itch.

The set-up of the booth will be done by Stephen, Robin and Richard Yamagata. Blenders will be from Mary Lou, Richard, Stephen and Barbara. Another blender can be borrowed from Scott Lay.

The price of the drinks will be $3/drink

The uniform will be Hawaiian shirts. Take down will be a 10:45 PM or earlier, depending on if we sell out or not. We currently plan for 300 drinks to be made and sold. The booth will be staffed by the club board, electeds and people from the Yolo County central committee.

Adrienne suggested that we schedule a forum for the month of July. Ideas were discussed, but no decision was made.

It was proposed that the club take a more pro-active hand in training the volunteers for the campaign headquarters. Training would include what to say when answering the phone and how to do phone solicitations. It was also discussed that the headquarters needs to be set-up to coordinate the actions of all the volunteers. For this to be in place, training of the campaign headquarters coordinator needs to be done well in advance of opening the headquarters.

Official endorsement of the Davis Peace Coalition was discussed and postponed to the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM.

These minutes are respectfully submitted by:

      G Richard Yamagata

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