Board Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2003

This meeting was held at the home of Betty Weir.
Present (10 members total) were:
President: Stephen Souza,
Vice President: Barbara Slemmons
Treasurer: Betty Weir
Recording Secretary: G Richard Yamagata
Past President: Bob Bockwinkel
Board members: Scott Lay, Susan Peter-Thompson, Adrienne Candell, Tony Gruska and Mike Syvanen.

Guests: There was a guest from the Woodland Democrat Club.

Stephen Souza called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM.

The minutes from the July Meeting were approved with changes that were already made. Most of the changes came from Bob Bockwinkel, who saw the minutes on-line. Mike Syvanen moved for approval of the minutes. Bob Bockwinkel seconded the motion. The motion carried unaminously.

The minutes from the Woodland Democrat Club were sent to Stephen Souza, who reported on the highlights from those minutes. No Action was required nor taken on these minutes.

The club has $2047.23 in the checking account and $7000 in a CD. A total of $5,047 was taken in by the club for the anti-Recall campaign. The total amount paid out by the club for the anti-recall effort was $7585.

By January 22nd the FPPC report needs to be turned in and will report $7585 raised and spent on the anti-Recall campaign.

This was reported as a success. It was well attended. It was observed that the only person who got into the true mood of the main event, “A Roast of Dave Rosenberg,” was Lois Wolk. Everyone else just said words of praise for Dave Rosenberg for his many years of public service at this well received event.

Betty announced that the club picked up two new members. They were students. Richard Yamagata asked about sponsorship of college students to this event and was told that this program was once again a success with a number of students taking part in the event. It was also added that unused tickets added to the financial success of the event.

The holiday party will once again be at Doug Kaplan’s home. Once again it was stated that phone calling will be done and invitations would be mailed out for this December party. The stuffing of envelopes and labeling of them for this event was completed by the board at this meeting. The party will be held the first Friday, December 5, of the month of December from 7 to 9 PM.

The food for the event would be provided by the Democrat Club board and the following people committed to bringing things. This list was asked to be e-mailed to the club e-mail list serve and Stephen Souza said that he would follow-up with phone calls (both of which were done the week of the event).

The following had committed to bringing something -- other board members were to let Stephen know what they would be bringing.

Bob Bockwinkel Cheese Cake
Mike Syvanen Roast Beef (roast baked with cloves of garlic)
Richard Yamagata Pot Stickers (4 baker's dozen)
Barbara Slemmons Cheese and Cracker plate
Stephen Souza Beer and soda
Betty Weir Boiled Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce
Scott Lay Hot Dish
Adrienne Candell Will bring something (Chef's choice)

The Yolo County Democratic Central committee committed to bringing the wine to this event.

The club agreed to purchase 2 back-up deli-platters from Safeway for this event.

As for raffle items, VME, Inc will donate two -- one pound boxes of See’s Candy. (Bob Bockwinkel also donated two – one pound boxes of See’s Candy.) De Luna’s Jewelers will be asked to donate an item. Carolyn, Laura, and Mary Lou will be asked to make gift baskets for the raffle. Stephen will solicit more items for the raffle from the membership.

Publicity for this event will be a picture of our new County Supervisor, Mariko Yamada. It was suggested that Mariko and Helen appear in the publicity photo in Santa’s hats.

It was discussed that if at all possible, a newsletter would be published announcing the holiday party. Because of the timing of this newsletter, it was stated that it may not be completed before the holiday party. The club already is mailing out invitations to the people on the newsletter event, so it was decided that the newsletter being published before the 5th was not crucial to the success of this event.

It was noted that the holiday party was traditionally when members of the Democrat Club unveil their intention to run for City Council. This should ensure attendance to this event.

Newsletter content that was suggested to the editor via Adrienne were the following:
· Statement or article from our new supervisor, Mariko
· Article on the State filibuster by Scott Lay
· Letter to the editor about cell phones by Adrienne

The format of the newsletter was discussed and the costs involved in mailing the various formats. It was suggested that the club collect money from the various candidates running for city council for ads in the newsletter.

It was stated that the web site address should be put in the masthead or sidebar of the newsletter that contains the Board officers and PO Box address for the club. The address for the web site is: The web site currently gets traffic over 3300 hits/month. (Traffic was 4200 in October)

It was announced again that the newsletter should announce that there will be Board elections in January or February. The offices are:
Vice President
Recording Secretary

We still have to fill out the slate for submission of the names to club. The club has names of people that volunteered and came in during the anti-Recall effort. We could pull people from that list to try to fill these positions.

Scott Lay discussed funding of the young Democrat groups in the city of Davis. These include the High School Democrat group and the College Democrat group that is on campus at UCD. Scott said that the Yolo County Central Committee will match the funds spent by the Davis Democrats for these groups. Tony made a motion to fund these groups for $375 from the Davis Democrat Club ($250 to the College Democrats and $125 to the High School Democrats). Adrienne seconded the motion. The motion was passed with the caveat that the money would be handed over to the student groups only upon receipt and review of a budget or spending plan for the funds by the individual groups. Stephen Souza from the Davis Democrat Club and Scott Lay from the Central Committee will be the people that will receive and review the spending plans and will dispense the funds to the groups upon approval.

A formal request was made by Sue Greenwald that the club phone number at the Democrat club web site be changed for all phone calls now go to a political campaign phone number. It was agreed that the number will be changed to Betty Weir’s, which it was pointed out was a “faux” number in the past. Betty stated that the problems with the prank caller have ceased and her number can be used for the official club phone number for all activities. (The number has been since changed at the web site)

Tony and Bob announced that they will be sponsoring a series of dinners at the Odd Fellows hall for people that do good deeds in the city of Davis. The first will take place on the 21st of February. This is a by invitation only event, which will need RSVPs. This is intended to be a fun, social event.

Scott Lay announced that he received e-mail that there will be only one Democrat running for the 5th Senate district.

Susan announced a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for “Equality for All Sacramento Families.” They must raise money in response to actions that will be taken by Republicans in the state assembly to withhold state aid or tax breaks to same sex households in the state. This organization is formed under the umbrella of Equality for California Families.

With no more announcements, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.

These minutes are respectfully submitted by:

      G Richard Yamagata

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