Meeting Notes
  Notes from the March 8, 2004 DMNC Annual Meeting
Draft by Kevin Wolf < >

  1. Potluck
    About 30 residents from the neighborhood joined together for the potluck at Valley Oak Elementary.  Anne Brunette with the City arranged the location, open the room and joined us for the dinner and meeting. (Thanks Anne!)
  2. Three new Board Members were elected by consent
    Gordon Defries < >
    Mark Pollock < >
    Aaron Ristow < >

    Retaining Board members
    Kevin Wolf < >
    Jen Nachmanoff < >
    Fred Buderi < >

    There is one open board seat.  Please contact any board member if you are interested.
  3. Colgate Traffic Calming
    The Council voted by consensus to appeal the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee's decision to support City staff's recommendation to not allow undulations on Colgate.  DMNC members also voted to send a letter to the Valley Oak Elementary principal and PTA and request their help in improving drop off and pick up on Colgate.  Finally, the members voted to send a letter to the City police chief to request assistance in reducing speeding and double parking on the street especially during drop off and pick up hours.  Sue Sawyer will draft these letters. Kevin will edit them and send them on behalf of the Council.
  4. Block Party -
    1. The following neighbors volunteered to help.
      Mark Pollock - General
      Russell and Laurie Loving - food
      We need more committee members. Please contact Mark if you are interested.
    2. Music - We need someone to help with this.
      Gaby Lewin will provide sound equipment.
      Brian Rivers will help but can't take the lead.
    3. The annual neighborhood Garage Sale will be held on the same day as the Block Party. The board will take responsibility for getting the ad in the paper and including an announcement about it in the next neighborhood newsletter.
    4. The DMNC should invite all city council and school board members to the block party.
  5. Next DMNC Board meeting will be announced through the listserv. All will be invited.

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