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  Davis Manor Neighborhood Council
Board Meeting Notes

Sept 13, 2004

Draft Notes by Kevin
Next Meeting: Third Monday of the month - October 18, 2004
7:30 pm      716 N St
Fred will be responsible for sending out the notice and getting it on the web.
  1. Fall Newsletter - draft articles due in two weeks
    1. Welcome to new neighbors. - Fred
    2. Open board seat
    3. Parties and how to conduct oneself. Holding party and party victim. - Mark
    4. Free pile. What to do with it after a week. - Kevin
    5. Home improvement on line - Kevin
    6. Listserv etc
    7. Colgate traffic survey - Kevin
    8. Shopping Center Update - Fred
    9. Editor - Aaron
  2. Traffic Survey - add to newsletter
  3. Tree Trimming
         Fred will write the city and convert this into an article.
  4. Home Improvement
          DMNC will write a letter to the city council requesting that workshops like the DEEP workshops for the DMNC put its information into the public domain and be made available via the web. Or don't hire them. Was there a clause in the contract about the use of the material? If not, there should be.
  5. Shopping Center Report
  6. Adeline Junk Pile
    1. Gordon will find out what the city's position is on this junk.
    2. Try to find a person who will get rid of stuff in the neighborhood.
    3. Signs.

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