March 26, 2004

Kevin Wolf
716 N Street
Davis, CA 95776

Dear Mr. Wolf:

Kevin this letter is an update to the meeting we had with the Home Owners Association for the Davis Manor neighborhood. I have gone through the area and inventoried the small replacement trees and what large trees need to be pruned to give some more light to the smaller trees. Please review and see if the neighbors would agree to the work on the trees in front of the houses indicated. If acceptable to the residents, I will get the work scheduled as soon as possible to allow for a longer period in the growing season for the replacement trees to have added light.

In the next few weeks, I will be going through the neighborhood again to look at all the larger trees to assess their condition. After completing the inspection, I will send another update to you and then maybe another meeting could be scheduled to discuss future plans for the trees in your neighborhood.

Thank you for the interest in the long term care and condition of the trees in this neighborhood. Please feel free to call me with any questions. I have enclosed a business card with my contact information.

Parks and Community Services

Rob Cain
City Arborist

Cc: Pat Riley, Interim Parks and Open Space Administrator

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