I place high value on open communication with you and consider it my responsibility to be honest and direct about your child. I intend to share my questions, concerns, and positive feedback about your child, and I in turn welcome whatever information you can share with me.

All teachers do attendance in the morning just after welcoming students to the class and closing the classroom door. When the door closes this means that students entering the class are late and they need to go to the school office to get a pass.

When students are going to be late or absent, please report this to the school secretary. It is more important that the secretary get that information than me.

My contact information is as follows:

E-mail: When you wish to communicate with me, the easiest way is by e-mail.

Phone Number: (530) 757-5490 x131 (It is not very reliable) If you have an important information to communicate to me or to your child, please call the school office and ask them to pass the message to us.

Address: Room 13 - 1221 Anderson Road, Davis, CA 95616

I normally use e-mail to communicate with parents. I try to check my email on a regular basis, but I cannot guarantee a same day response. For this reason, if you have any urgent concerns, please just stop by the classroom before or after school and I will try to address your concerns or find a time for a meeting. Also, you can call the office and ask the secretary to give me the message. Regular conferences will be held during a week in November. Other conferences will be scheduled as needed.