Important to remember!!

Does your child have food allergies? Please let me know as soon as possible.

Please make sure your child is on time every day. All teachers do attendance in the morning just after welcoming students to the class and closing the classroom door. When the door closes this means that students entering the class are late and they need to go to the school office to get a pass.

When students are going to be late or absent, please report this to the school secretary. It is more important that the secretary get that information than me.

Wear a visitor tag when volunteering in the school. Stop by the school office before coming to the class. "ALL volunteers, student teachers, paid professionals and visitors, MUST sign in the office and wear a CCE visitor sticker". For field trips, if you are a driver or chaperone, it is required to pass by the office and get a visitor pass too.

For early pick up, please go to the office. They will contact me and I will send your child to the office. Please don't come to the class or take your child without the secretaries knowledge.

Please pick up your child after school or have arranged for family, friends or babysitters to pick them up. When students leave the classroom at the end of the day, if nobody is there to pick them up, they should go to the office without hesitation. Please don't ask your child to wait for you at the park or at the bike rack or any other place without adult supervision.

Please fill out and return as soon as possible all the school paper work that I sent at the beginning of the year and throughout the year. Also, for field trip, please complete the student authorizations with all the information that it is required. The office won't accept paper work incompleted. As an incentive for parents and students return the authorizations as soon as possible, students will receive 5 stickers from the teacher if they return the papers completed and signed the next day that are sent home.

Please provide a safe environment for all students at school. Follow the guidelines about the use of the parking lot. Walk your bike when crossing the playground. Don't bring any dogs or other pets to the school when picking up your children.

Please collaborate to recognize and prevent bullying, teasing, gossip or other behavioral problems in the school.

No toys from home, balls, Pokemon Cards (or any other kind) allowed during school time.

Students don't need to bring any school supplies (pencils, erasers, notebooks, folders, etc) from home. I prefer all students to have the same materials that the school provides or that I will buy with our classroom budget.

During the year I will ask the students to bring some things from home for classroom projects such as paper bags, egg cartons, ingredients for cooking class, goodies for celebrations, etc. Just wait to send them when we need them. I normally ask for them a few days or weeks in advance.

Photos and videos. I will be taking photos and videos of my students during special celebrations (School Spirit Days, Classroom Special Days, etc). I like to have memories from students and also, depending on how our budget goes, I like to make a DVD with photos and videos for families to have in exchange for a donation for the class. If you have any concerns about that, please let me know as soon as possible.

When helping as a driver or chaperone on field trips, don't bring other children or relatives.

Please make sure your child is wearing appropriate footwear for school and please be sure their shoelaces should be tied to prevent accidents.

Students are welcome to bring a bottle of water to drink and keep it next to their desks.

Get excited about school projects!! Except the family tree (optional to share it with the class), the rest of the projects will be presented in class to share with the group.

- Family Tree. Students love to learn more about their ancestors. This project is more to enjoy at home than in school. Students that want to share their families trees would be welcome to do it during sharing time that week.

- "Being Leonardo DaVinci or Benjamin Franklin" Create a model of a new device for the future.

- "All about me" project. Students have the opportunity to share with all the class some episodes of their personal lives and interests. Please encourage and help your child to make a meaningful project.

- "A Hundred Days of School" project. We celebrate a hundred days of school making at home an original and creative project to share with the class that day.

- "Friendship Cards for classmates" Students would make one Valentine for each of their classmates. I will provide the materials. Please don't buy Valentine's Cards. Students can add pencils, erasers, stickers or something useful. Please don't attach candy to the Valentine Cards. We will make a potluck in the class and parents can provide healthy snacks for the students.

- Timeline project. Students will need a photo for each year of their life to make their own life timelines.

- Recycling project. Please encourage your child to be creative and make interesting recycling projects.

- "Make you own math game" Students will make up a math game to share with the class.

- School Spirit Days and Classroom Special Days

Donations are always welcome !!! Before buying something for the class, please check with me. Donations for our class account (meaning $$) need to be turned in to the school office. Teachers are not allowed to touch any cash from parents for the classroom. Please make your checks to: CCE with memo: Sra. Dopico's class- Room 13. Before buying things for the class, if you are expecting to be reimbursed we have to have the principal's signature of approval. Otherwise, you will not be reimbursed.

Facebook Experiment. As a teacher I am trying to adapt to the need tools to share information in the social networks. For a few years I have had a Facebook account as a teacher. If you want to be my friend, please find me as a Sra Dopico. Sometimes I like to share photos or videos of my students and I ask the parents if that's ok previously. Just to make it easier for me, please just let me know if you don't allow that at all. Also, my facebook account allows me to keep in contact with my former students and their families to see how they grow and how they follow their dreams, inspirations and talents. This is completely optional, no worries if you don't feel like participating.