We will go to the library once a week for 40 minutes. During library time, the librarians, Sra. Pinkerton or Sra. Rodarte, read a book to the students and discuss it briefly. Afterwards, students have time to find new books to check out. Second graders are allowed to check out two library books. Both of the books need to be in Spanish and at the student's reading level. Starting in January, students will be allowed to check out one book in English and one in Spanish. Please remember that your child is responsible for the care of library books s/he has checked out. Students won't be able to check out new books if they don't return the books they have taken previously.

Please ask your child to read every day at home.Reading every day helps students improve fluency, accuracy, vocabulary, comprehension and grammar. Also, students develop the habit of reading. Please try to be constant with this activity; students will benefit enormously from it.