Before going through all the rules and discipline procedures, I just want you to know that 2nd graders are wonderful and normally they love to please their parents and teachers. They are all good students with great spirit. Normaly the things that make them get in trouble are things like the following:

- they want to play and be funny most of the classroom time

- they are learning to control their emotions and personalities

- they are learning to share and work cooperatively

- they don't want to work

- they are learning to deal with friendship conflicts

In my classroom I will use plenty of praise to encourage good behavior and the use of Spanish. I strongly believe in the importance of intrinsic motivation and will do my best to cultivate this characteristic within each child! We will be working on the importance of being a good classmate "Ser un buen compañero o compañera" and the importantce of showing respect and caring for their classmates, teachers and family.

The rules for my classroom are as follows:

1) Show respect.

2) Make good decisions.

3) Solve problems.

4) Speak in Spanish.

To help promote positive behavior and work habits, I will use a combination of positive reinforcements and consequences.

If students do something that significantly breaks the rules or hurts somebody's feelings, I think they need some reflexion about their actions. I will ask them to write an apology letter during recess time or at home to the person affected by their actions or words. If a student needs to write more than 3 apology letters in a month, I will contact the parents for a brief conference and let them now what is going on in the classroom. I expect collaboration from the parents to help students to improve their behavior.

If after trying all the positive reinforment strategies students don't improve their behavior then I will follow this basic procedure:

1) Warning

2) Second warning

3) Depending of the issue students could fix it with an apology letter writing about the issue to understand it and fix it, classroom community work or 5 minutes apart from the group (in class). Sometimes I take privileges like using the computer that week, doing origami, using costumes or legos during parties, treats for the students, etc.

4) Time away in another classroom

5) Send a message about the issue home and schedule a short meeting with parents

6) Send to office

For incentives for good work and for being good classmates I like to reward my students first of all with positive feedback as much as I can and also with classroom activities like parties, especial days in the classroom, origami art from the teacher, small presents from the classroom shop, free time, etc.

For general information please see the school handbook for school rules.