Safety and Health

If your child has allergies to food or animals, or he/she has health problems that I should know about, please let me know as soon as possible.

One of my goals is to try to make sure all my students feel safe and happy in our classroom and school. I would like to know if your child has health issues that I should be aware of to be able to help appropriately in case it is needed. Also, please let me know of any concerns about bullying that you think could be affecting your child in school. Please collaborate to recognize and prevent bullying, teasing, gossip or other behavioral problems.

Lice is a little difficult to control because students are in contact with different environments (classroom, recess, CDC, parks…). I would recommend that you check your child often and if your child has long hair, please ask her/him to wear a pony tail.


Please provide your child with an energetic and healthy breakfast (if possible), snacks for recess time and lunch (if they don't buy lunch at the school cafeteria). Some students lose attention in their academics when they are a little hungry.


Enough sleep. Please be sure your child gets enough sleep and comes to school rested.