Please wear a visitor tag when volunteering in the school. Stop by the school office before coming to the class. "ALL volunteers, student teachers, paid professionals and visitors, MUST sign in the office and wear a CCE visitor sticker".

Remember that when volunteering in the classroom or on a field trip it is not allowed to bring your other children.

We will need parent-volunteers for all these activities during the year:

  • Drivers and chaperones for field trips
  • Circulo de Lectura (once a week)
  • Bravo Music Program (6 lessons)
  • Garden (one a month)
  • Correct homework (one a week)
  • Cooking (one a month)
  • Spanish Reading assistant (twice a week)
  • Fiesta (once a year)
  • CCE Auction Art project (once a year)
  • Science Festival
  • Other special events


Volunteers are needed for all sorts of activities. Check with me any time that you want to volunteer.