Welcome to Gizmo
Who is he?

If you ever have wondered who Gizmo is, wonder no longer. This is the owner of the account that Elisabeth Sherwin is allowed to use. Gizmo Sherwin is a harsh task master and if dissatified with the look of this website will let his displeasure be known by tooth and claw. This is no exaggeration. I have experienced the wrath of Gizmo, first paw. Please feel free to send e-mail to gizmo@dcn.davis.ca.us and express your opinion, especially if you enjoy visiting this website housed within Gizmo's home directory on Davis Community Network. Ry

If you wish to learn more about Gizmo and the Sherwin family of cats, visit the Jan. 14, 1996 PRINTED MATTER column, "If it's cold out, the cats are bunking indoors." or the Jan. 11, 1998 PRINTED MATTER column, "Why Can't Anyone Write a Good Book About Cats.".

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