Some reflections on the 2011 Estate

"We opened a bottle with this evening's dinner. It was at cellar temperature: 57F.

It's an amazing wine! Beautiful deep ruby color; lovely bouquet initially of cherry, berry fruit, and later just a hint of herbal notes from the stems is my guess. Perfect balance and actually no hint of tannin. Still, the wine had a full bodied mouth feel as they say. The alcohol level is also just right. Harvesting at 23.3 Brix is rare these days. We really wish more pinot noir wine makers would pay more attention to this.

If my tastebuds had eyes, then tasting your 2011 Estate would be like peering into a beautifully cut, flawless ruby. Such an incredible clarity of flavors is rare.

2011 is really a lovely vintage for you. We are thinking that your 1989, 2010, and 2011 was/are stunning wines, and there is nothing better in the Santa Cruz Mtns. And, we think the best Ca. pinots can be found there.

With another year or so the 2011 will begin to show the subtleties of great Pinot that are definitely in the 2010's. And as well as in the best Pinots from Bourgogne. It's a very interesting "forest floor" bouquet with hints of mushroom and truffles."

Bill Yeager, November 20, 2013