"IUG Internet Top Tip #2"
This tip is for Macintosh users!
When you receive an e-mail message from someone, the message often
includes the address of a Web site for you to visit, or an e-mail address
for you to write someone at.

Often, you have to copy the address, open your browser, paste
the address into the browser, and click on "go" to visit the address.

Well, in some modern e-mail programs, you don't have to do this.
If the URL is written like this: <http://www.dcn.org.iug/> many e-mail
programs will recognize it as a URL and will show it as a live hyperlink
(blue and underlined just waiting for you to double click it. Then your
browser will automatically launch and take you to that Internet address.

But if your e-mail program doesn't do this itself, there is a program
that will give it, and many other programs that you use, this same
capability, for free!

ICeTEe comes with InternetConfig. It is on many Mac OS CD-ROM's in the
same folder as InternetConfig. Or you can download a free copy from:
NOTE: The download will begin immediately!

You just drop the ICeTEe extension into your system folder and restart.
From then on whenever you see a Web address or an e-mail address in a
document or in your e-mail program, just hold down the command key and
click on the address, and the appropriate program will launch, and take
you right to that address.