IUG Meeting, Monday, July 9, 2001
IUG Scavenger Hunt #1

The Internet Users Group
Scavenger Hunt #2 !


  1. Who was Americas's 4th Vice President?
    Answer: George Clinton was the 4th VP and served with Thomas Jefferson 1809-12

  2. Which member of the Wyeth dynasty painted "Pig and the Train"?
    Answer: James (Jamie) Wyeth in 1970.
    Jamie, born in 1946, was grandson of Newell (NC) Wyeth and second son of Andrew Wyeth

  3. What is the term used to describe a step in which a dancer jumps into the air and rapidly crosses the legs before and behind each other?
    Answer: "Entrechat is a ballet term for weaving or braiding. A step of beating in which the dancer jumps into the air and rapidly crosses the legs before and behind each other."

  4. The recommended average daily dietary intake of selenium that is sufficient to meet the nutrient requirements for 97-98% of all individuals is 55 micrograms (mcg).
    Which contains the most selenium, Brazil nuts or Cheddar Cheese?
    Answer: Brazil nuts. 1 oz of Brazil nuts contains 840 mcg of selenium; 1 oz of Cheddar cheese contains 4 mcg.

  5. What percentage of cotton grown in the United States was derived through biotechnology rather than traditional cross pollination breeding techniques?
    Answer: About 60%