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The Internet Users Group (IUG)
cosponsored by the Davis Community Network (DCN) meets:
7:00-8:30 P.M. on the second Monday of each month
at the Davis Senior Center, 646 A Street, Davis
except where noted in the schedule..

The group is open to anyone who is interested regardless of age or level of expertise. Annual membership, at $10 per family or individual for 6 months, is encouraged but not required. This income helps us pay the rental fee for the once-a-month use of the room. To keep current with schedule changes and new plans you are advised to subscribe to the IUG E-Mailing List using the Online Form at www.dcn.org/iug/iuglist.html

Past Programs
[* indicates meeting at City Training Room]
  • Jun. 11 – What's The Best Way To Preserve Or Share Information From Your Computer?
  • Jul. 9 – Searching For Information On The Internet? At The City Training Room
  • Aug. 13 – Modem, DSL, Cable, Fiber, Wireless, TV. .Which Connection Is Best For You?
  • Sep. 10 – 90 Minute CLASS: An Introduction To The Internet At The City Training Room
  • Oct. 8 – What Is The Internet & What Is It's Future?
  • Oct. 12 – Friday Afternoon, 1:30 - 3:00 PM - Same Topic As Above - For Daytime People
  • Nov. 12 – Gifting The Internet? - New Devices, Capabilities And Options
  • Dec. 10 – E-Mail - The Saga Continues:
  • Jan. 14 – 90 Minute CLASS: An Introduction To The Internet City Training Room
  • Jan. 14 – A Traditional IUG Question And Answer Session. Bring Your Questions!
  • Feb. 11 – Criteria To Use When Selecting An Internet Service Provider
  • Mar. 11 – Searching For Information On The Internet? At The City Training Room
  • Apr. 8 – A Traditional IUG Question And Answer Session. Bring Your Questions!
  • May. 13 – Can You Find Information About YOUR Ancestors On The Internet? Training Rm,
  • Jun. 10 – Favorite Web Sites
  • Jul. 8 – Email Possibilities And Pitfalls
  • Aug. 12 – Books On The Web
  • Sep. 9 – News Groups City Training Room
  • Oct. 14 – Home Computer Security -
  • Nov. 11 – Setting Your Preferences For The Web And E-Mail
  • Dec. 9 – Downloading Files
  • Jan. 13 – Traditional IUG Question And Answer Session
  • Feb. 10 – Comparing Browsers: Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Icab
  • Mar. 10 – More About E-Mail
  • Apr 14 – Preparing Images For Emailing To Friends And Family
  • May. 12 – Digital Photography Bob Gouine
  • Jun 9, – Computer Maintenance
  • Jul. 14 – Music From The Internet A Beginners Guide.
  • Aug. 11 – Controlling Cookies, Pop-Ups And Spam
  • Sep. 8 – The Internet Connection Group Discussions.
  • Oct. 13 – WWW Travel And Map Sites
  • Nov. 10 – Tips On How To Do Successful WWW Searches
  • Dec. 8 – Traditional IUG Q And A Session
  • Jan. 12 – Using The Internet
  • Feb. 9 – Finding Health and Wellness Information on the Web: presented by Rick Sheridan
  • Mar. 8 – Delving into the basic software we should all have on our computers.
  • Apr. 12 – Computer Maintenance
  • May 10 – Hands-On At The City Computer Lab-
  • Jun 14 – In The City Computer Lab:: More About Digital Photography
  • Jul. 12 – In The City Computer Lab:: Q&A Program
  • Aug. 9 – In The City Computer Training Lab: How Wireless Internet Works.
  • Sep. 13 – When Do You Need A New Computer?
  • Oct. 11 – E-Bay And Other Online Auctions And Purchasing
  • Nov. 8 – E-Bay online auctioning
  • Dec. 13 – Favorite websites
  • Jan. 10 – Traditional Q and A
  • Feb. 14 – Browser Questions and Answers
  • Mar. 14 – Putting Your Photos On The Web
  • Apr. 11 – Using The Internet To Find Travel Information
  • May. 9 – E-communing using the Internet for phone calls, chatting and teleconferencing.
  • Jun. 13 – Computer Repair and Upgrade that you might attempt for yourself. Eric Johnson,
  • Jul. 11 – How can the Internet support democratic values and practice? Lowenberg
  • Aug. 8 – Q. & A. Session about Computer and Internet Terminology
  • Sep. 12 – Putting Your Photos On The Web.
  • Oct. 10 – The Internet to help me know more about my community and its issues.
  • Nov. 14 – Q and A about email
  • Dec. 12 – Celebration Q and A - open season on anything digital
2006 Jan.
  • Feb 13 – Looking Good With Digital Photos. Dick York Of The Woodland Camera Club
  • Mar. 13 – Getting Candid About Digital Cameras. A Panel of Photographers and Jim Richter
  • Apr. 10 – Music Is In The Air: Itunes For PC And Mac
  • May 8 – Looking Good with Digital Photos. Bob Guine
  • Jun. 12 – Getting Candid About Digital Cameras. - Photographer Jim Richter.
  • July 10: – Questions and Answers about Email
  • Aug 14: – What do you do with your digital pictures?" Flikcr etc.
  • Sep 11: – Delving into the Internet / Web to find interesting, wild and unusual things
  • Oct 9: – Delving into the Web and Internet Again
  • Nov 13: – The Internet as a Huge Depository of Information
  • Dec 11

January 8:The topic will be Q&A - miscellaneous Questions and Answers pertaining to the Internet and the computers used to access it. The questions will come from the people attending the meeting and the answers will come from attendees as well as the meeting-leaders. This strategy usually results in a lively, useful meeting. People generally get their questions answered and along the way they learn things they did not expect to learn about! Questions from those expecting to attend can be sent ahead of time to lois@gotouring.com and rahance@dcn.org. Lois and Anne will then be able to research answers for any tricky or complex questions.ss than an expert already! Even experts should come because they can share their knowledge to help the rest of us.

February 12:Finding Travel Information and Maps on the Web. We will discuss how to find reliable information:- what are the best sources? is it ok to book tickets on line? what should be avoided? what are the better tours? what about lodgings? There are many things to consider and we will cover as many as possible.

March 12:How to Receive Podcasts and Streamed Radio and Video on Your Computer: For those who have fast Internet connections, such as DSL or cable, podcasts and streamed (live) broadcasts are becoming more and more popular. This program will not teach you how to prepare your own podcast but will explain how to download and manage podcasts and streaming (live) talks and videos that are available on the Internet via the Web

April 9:Digital Images: How to work with them, how to email them, and how to upload them to a public photo site like Yahoo's Flickr or Shutterfly. We will talk about what software to use to work with the images from your digital camera so that they are in a good format for emailing or uploading to the Internet.

May 14:Music is in the Air: Are you getting your favorite music via the Internet yet? We'll talk about iTunes for PC and Mac; the Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune and other MP3 players. Great information for those who are still wondering what this is all about - and great information for anyone who is a hair's breadth less than an expert already! Even experts should come because they can share their knowledge to help the rest of us.

June 11:Connecting with friends and family the Internet way: Text messaging, avoiding phone charges by audio conferencing, and SEEing is believing -- all parts iChat on the the Mac. Register for free with AIM [AOL Instant Messaging] to start and then connect with your "buddies" whenever you are both available.

July 9:Having Fun with Photographic Images using Photoshop Elements:: For those who take photographs with a digital camera or who have a scanner and scan other people's images we'll take a tour of the things you can do to them in Photoshop Elements. Yes, we'll even remind you how to reduce them in size (pixels and inches) so that they are good for emailing (but won't be good for printing).

August 13:Digital Images Q and A: This evening will be a time to ask questions about what you forgot or didn't understand from the last meeting. With a good turnout we'll have lots of questions and lots of people with experiences to share about their strategies. If there is time we'll show how anyone can create an interesting image using combinations of photos and Photoshop Element's graphic capabilities.

September 10:Mac AND Windows! : We'll congregate into 2 groups this evening (Windows users and Mac users) to talk about our computers - we'll hear your stories and your questions about what you are doing on your computer - successes and failures. We'll talk about what's new and what has ended its useful life so that you might decide to move with the times and upgrade in order to have a more enriched computer experience!

October 8:Let's set up a Blog on Blogger: We'll set up a blog on www.blogger.com and write some hometown poetry or prose into our blog. Perhaps we'll keep it as an IUG blog with an intriguing topic and name? Come to find out.

November 19:Using the Internet and the WorldWide Web: : We'll cover Gifting The Internet - New Devices, Capabilities And Options. What's new? Will any of it make our lives easier? Is it so cutting edge that we'll not want to spend the time mastering it? Let's see!
Bring your 'toys' for a 'show-and-tell' to inform and inspire people in their gift giving choices.
We'll also have a quick tutorial (given by Lois Richter) on making IUG meeting reminder business cards

December 10:What is Software?: I use Microsoft Word for word processing, perhaps you use Corel Word Perfect. I use Eudora for email, perhaps you use Outlook or Thunderbird. What problems occur when we each use a different program but need to communicate or share files? How and how often should we back up our files?


E-mail contacts: are on the IUG Web Page at www.dcn.org/IUG/
Phone contacts: General information: Anne 530-753-7265 or Lois 530-758-5058

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