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The Internet Users Group (IUG)
originally cosponsored by the Davis Community Network (DCN) now meets:
7:00-8:30 P.M. on the second Tuesday of each month
at the Davis Senior Center, 646 A Street, Davis
except where noted in the schedule..

The group is open to anyone who is interested regardless of age or level of expertise. At present there are no 'dues.'
To keep current with schedule changes and new plans we encourage you to subscribe to the IUG E-Mailing List using the Online Form at www.dcn.org/iug/iuglist.html

Program Schedule
[Past programs]
[* indicates meeting at City Training Room]

January 27Are You Wondering About Getting a Laptop Computer? – Do you have one and have questions about it? What are the pros and cons of: convenience, cost, maintenance, ergonomics issues etc.? What do people find to be especially advantageous about their laptop computers? Is laptop software different from desktop software? How can information (software and data) be transferred from one computer to another? We'll try to talk about all of this and more.

February 24How can I make my Internet access a safe/secure experience? – Can I avoid picking up malware (viruses etc.) as I browse? If I leave my (dsl or cable connected) computer on all the time is it secure? Is PayPal safe? Is it ok to give online stores my credit card number? We'll delve into many aspects of security and privacy.

March 24Looking After Your Computer. – What sort of maintenance does a computer need in order to keep it functioning efficiently? Are there things a user should do - or not do?

April 28Digital Images, Again! – We'll talk about this very popular subject yet again and answer as many questions as possible. When I transfer my photo from the camera to my computer what should I do next? What are the differences between jpegs, gifs and tiffs? What is "resolution"and why does it matter? How to increase and decrease the size of an image, how to improve its appearance, why an emailed image may not print well, and much, much more! If you have a specific question that you'd like answered in some detail at the meeting please email it to Anne at rahance@dcn.org

May 26Using eBay to buy or sell. – We'll invite some experienced eBay users to explain the ins, outs and precautions. What other online services are similar - like Craigs List, Freecycle and more.

June 23 – "Other" search engines. – Google is not the only useful search engine so we will look at some others to find the differences. Some of the ones we look at will be cutting-edge-new. The main part of the meeting will be a competition between the two sides of the room. There will be prizes! Come to find out!

July 28 – Open Forum Q & A – Bring your Internet and Web related questions including those computer questions that have arisen as a result of your use of the Internet and Web

August 25 – Email communications using different methods. – We find that although most people now use email they are often unaware of the various ways to organize or filter their mail or how to handle phishing and malware. We'll talk about email in general but may refer to Web Mail, Gmail, Hotmail; Mail, Thunderbird, Outook etc as needed.

September 22 – PhotoSharing on the Web – The IUG has a Flicker account so we'll re-explore how to use that service. We'll also talk about Picassa and other photo sharing sites. And, as a bonus we'll look into having our photographs published in an 'on demand' book for a reasonable price.

October 27 – The Internet/Web window has changed very little but the view has changed a lot. How are .Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, blogs, Podcasts RSS etc. changing our lives? We'll take a look.

November 24 – New Internet/Web related devices. – New tools, software and gadgets that we might think of buying for ourselves or as end-of-year gifts for others.

December 22 – No meeting this month.


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