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The IUG disclaims any responsibility for the results of following up on anything on this page unless the results are good! We simply reflect here some of the input from our members who have had good experiences connected with the places or people mentioned.

  1. The Internet Users Group (IUG) meets at 7pm on the second Monday of each month at the Davis Senior Center, 646 A Street, Davis. The meetings ususally have a program which is announced via the IUG Email List and local newspapers.
    To subscribe to the IUG Email List follow this link
    The IUG Web site is at [http://www.dcn.org/IUG/]

  2. The Davis PC Users This small group meets on the 4th Wednesday evening of each month. Email contact: davispcug@yahoo.com
    A larger group, a computer club, meets monthly at the Woodland Senior Center in the Bingo Room of the Woodland Senior Center, 630 Lincoln Ave. (530) 661-5890

  3. The Davis MacUsers Group (DMUG) includes some very knowledgeable people who are a wonderful resource for Apple/Macintosh Users. DMUG meets at 6:30pm at the Davis Senior Center on the second Tuesday of each month. To subscribe to the DMUG Email List send an email message from the computer at which you plan to receive the DMUG messages to the address davismug@list.dcn.davis.ca.us and in the body of the message write subscribe davismug
    If you are subscribing from a computer which is not the one at which you will receive the email, the message in the body of the subscription email should say subscribe davismug your-email-address.

  4. MacNexus is a Sacramento MacUsers group. It is bigger than DMUG and meets at 6:30pm on the third Tuesday of each month at 2003 Howe Avenue in the Sacramento Association of Realtors Building.
    On the first Saturday of each month MacNexus gathers from at 8:30am - 1:30pm at 4623 T Street at the Coloma Community Center where there are iMacs to be used by the group members or visitors. MacNexus.
    The MacNexus Web site is at [http://www.macnexus.org/]

  1. Lois Richter 758-5058: Individual and group instruction about computers, the Internet, and making Web pages.

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  1. The Macintosh Paramedic now White wave Digital - Macintosh Support and Service. Contact Information can be found at White Wave Digital

  2. Heron Technologies, 213 E Street, Davis. (530) 759-0134
    Khanh Pham, General Manager; Sean Nitter, Customer Service Manager.
    Heron emphasises computer servicing but is a retail shop too. They carry only modest stock but can and will order individual items or system packages.
    The Heron Web site is at http://www.herontechnologies.com
    "I used them to repair my computer when it got a virus and I could not fix it. It had infected hundreds of my files. I found them to be quick and the price was right. I would recommend them."- Carol.
    "I took my Mac PowerBook 5300 to them and received good, prompt service." - Anne

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Local Classes about the Internet
  1. Davis Adult School -- "Intro to Internet" often taught several quarters each year. See Davis Adult and Community Education Class Lists for more info.

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