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Volume 1 Issue 1 March 1995


Davis/Sacramento Go Club
c/o Frank Berkenkotter
Box 4, Guinda, CA 95637

Frank Berkenkotter 796-3582
Jim Marable 753-9723
Will Haynes 929-6112


$7.50 for rest of 1995. Send to Frank Berkenkotter at the above address. The club cannot afford to send out club materials beyond 1st Quarter without membership.

Current Balance: $198.35
1995 Expenses: $ 74.46
Number of Members: 23
Dues for rest of 1995:$ 7.50

Club Meeting Times:

The club meets at the Cafe Roma, 231 E Street, Davis, CA, on Thursdays from 6 p.m. on and Sundays from 1 p.m. on. (It is best to call to make sure somebody will be there on Sundays.)


Sunday, May 28
Director: Frank Berkenkotter


Hsiao-Hua Chen 3 Dan and family are going home to Taiwan in a few weeks. He has played Go with us since around 1990 and was the upper-division champion a couple of times. We are indebted to him for getting us use of the Orchard Park center and for his participation with the club. We thank you Mr. Chen. Good luck.


On February 26th, from 9AM to 6PM, the D/SGC held its first tournament of 1995 at the Orchard Park Center in Davis. 23 players, in three divisions, braved the foggy weather to participate.

Div. I was won by Donggen Zhang, promoted to 3 Dan, with a 4 and 0 record and Jun Kong, last year's Div. I Champion in 2nd. Gary Hynes was 3rd, but with a 3 and 1 record and 2 wins of higher rated opponents. Promoteto 2 Dan? (Dan players decide.)

In Div. II, the winner was Pat Grever 2k with a 5-0 record, with Berkenkotter 3k 4-1 breaking a tie with Newmiller in his defeat of the latter. Grever was not promoted in that no played victories were against equal or stronger players (one victory was a forfeit).

In Div. III, the winner was John Hughes, promoted to 16k, with a 3 and 1 record who broke a tie with Ron Reynolds, also 3-1, by virtue of Hughes' vircory over Reynolds in their game. Reynolds was also promoted to 11k.

Division I

(1) D. Zhang 2D* 4-0
(2) J. Kong 3D 3-1
(3) G. Hynes 1D* 3-1
(4) H. Chen 3D 2-2
(5) L. Zhang 4D 1-3
(6) P. Redmond 2D 1-3
(7) D. Kent 1D 0-4

Division II

(1) Grever 2k 5-0
(2) Berkenkotter 3k 4-1
(3) Newmiller 7k* 4-1
(4) Harris 3k 2-3
(5) Murphy 6k 2-3
(6) Corbett 7k 1-3
(7) Marable 2k 1-3
(8) C. Su 3k 1-3
(9) Ping Kam 3k 0-3

Division III

(1) Hughes 17k* 3-1
(2) Reynolds 12k* 3-1
(3) Schrodi 12k 2-2
(4) Berdner 12k 2-2
(5) Lee 12k 2-2
(6) Kreiss 14k 2-2
(7) Crawford 8k 0-4
( * - promoted )


A member asked if Saturdays would be a better day for tournaments or if maybe one or two were played on Saturdays. Members please respond here about your preference. It will have to be for 1996 as we have already scheduled our tournaments in the AGA journal for 1995. I will ask for opinions, but if I don't hear a strong response for change, tournaments will remain on Sundays. As I recall, years ago we did have tournaments on Saturdays and changed to Sundays because of slightly less competition from family activities. We might also find that there is less competition for playing space on Sundays and maybe at lower costs. Let me know what you think.


Another member suggested that we require membership to play in our tournaments. Mr. Newmiller's concern was that we incurred costs that should be shared by all who play, and maybe secondarily be under control of ratings of new players over the long haul. It is the editor's opinion that if we were renting space, and we might be soon, that the finance would be an issue. But we are not and as long as we are with sufficient funds to get by, being inexpensive and obstacle-free for new players is a plus. We have certain problems from being rather open, but we also have more activities at very low expense compared to many clubs in the AGA. I guess I'd rather put up with a couple of problems to be attractive to new players who, for the most part, have become members. So is the question: would we sacrifice potential membership by requiring membership? And would possibly charging a nominal fee to non-members suffice? Please write me, or express your opinions in person about this matter. If I don't hear over 50+% opinions in favor of some view I will interpret it as a not in favor opinion.

Above I said that we might be "renting space soon." I was referring to the possibility that unless we acquire a new member living in the Orchard Park Apt. complex, we will have to find a new place for tournaments and other events. We are, I believe, OK for the rest of '95, but 1996 is an open question. Anticipating that we might have a problem in '95, I have already talked to the Director of the Davis Arts Center who was sympathetic to our needs. She was willing to meet "halfway", but I didn't get into specifics because I wasn't sure at that point that we had to move. I can say with certainty that it will cost us something. I am estimating that with a 15 to 20 player turnout we will have to pay $2 to $3 each per tournament to pay for the room. The room is larger than Orchard Park Ctr. and has a stove, refrig, plenty of free parking, and is very good for our needs. Members Chen and Kong, who live in the Orchard Park Complex, get us use of the room.


In early February, D/SGC introductory letters were sent out with the Youth Go prospectus to Davis, Woodland, Winters, Williams and Esparto High Schools offering teaching and organization of Go activites. To date, no replies have been received. I will send another set of letters to summer recreation programs in the West Sacramento Vally area. You are encouraged to make contact with your own school system and set-up your own program. If you need equipment (on temporary loan), help, advice, and fliers, give me a call. Also call Noné Redmond, who is the AGA Educational Coordinator, at 265-0389 in Nevada City, for advice and council.


The U.S. Go Congress this year is in Seattle, Wash. from August 12th to 20th. Call Chris Kirschner at (206)323-8758 for details.

The European Go Congress is in Tuchola, Poland from July 22nd to Aug 5th. For details see the AGA Newsletter.

The Hollyhock Go Workshop with James Kerwin is Aug. 6th to 12th in British Columbia. Call me for details or write: Hollyhock, Box 127, Manson's Landing, Cortes Island, B.C. VOP 1KO.

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