Davis/Sacramento Go Club Newsletter

Volume 1 Issue 2 June 1995


Davis/Sacramento Go Club
c/o Frank Berkenkotter
Box 4, Guinda, CA 95637

Frank Berkenkotter 796-3582
Jim Marable 753-9723
Will Haynes 929-6112


$5.00 for rest of 1995. Send to Frank Berkenkotter at the above address. The club cannot afford to send out club materials beyond 1st Quarter without membership.

Current Balance: $182.67
1995 Expenses: $157.64
Number of Members: 31
Dues for rest of 1995:$ 5.00

Club Meeting Times:

The club meets at the Cafe Roma, 231 E Street, Davis, CA, on Thursdays from 6 p.m. on and Sundays from 1 p.m. on. (It is best to call to make sure somebody will be there on Sundays.)


New members in 1995 are Don Hanson, Richard Newbold, Nicolai Sonin, Mel Nikloai, Herb Manley and Gary Roberts. Those of you around in 1989 will remember Gary Roberts, who is 5D, as our first simul. principal player.


On May 28th, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Davis/Sacramento Go Club held its second tournament of 1995 at the Orchard Park Center in Davis. Fifteen players played in three divisions featuring two promotions.

Division I was won by Gary Hynes, promoted to 2D, with Gary Roberts, 5D, in second. In Division II Pat Grever won his second tourney of the season, breaking a tie with Will Haynes with a win in their match. A promotion for Grever with one more win?

In Division III John Hughes, promoted to 15k, won a playoff with Herb Manley. Congratulations to the winners.

Division I

(1) Hynes 1D* 4-0
(2) Roberts 5D 3-1
(3) Redmond 2D 2-2
(4) D. Kent 1D 1-3
(5) Nikolai 2D 0-4

Division II

(1) Grever 2k 4-1
(2) Haynes 3k 4-1
(3) Harris 3k 3-2
(4) Murphy 6k 2-3
(5) Corbett 6k 2-3
(6) Berkenkotter 3k 0-5

Division III

(1) Hughes 16k* 3-1
(2) Manley 10k 2-2
(3) Crawford 8k 1-2
(4) Kreiss 14k 1-2
( * - promoted )


Only the first five members are listed in each division. Each must play in three or more tournaments. The winner in each division will receive a cash prize and free membership for next year.

Division I

(1) Hynes 2D 7-1
(2) D. Zhang 3D 4-0
(3) J. Kong 3D 3-1
(4) Redmond 2D 3-5
(5) Roberts 5D 3-1

Division II

(1) Grever 2k 9-1
(2) Hughes 15k 6-1
(3) Harris 3k 5-5
(4) (4 tied with
(5) 4 wins)


After polling members there was little objection to Saturday tournaments. In 1996 two Saturday tournaments will be scheduled. If there is noticeably less participation we will switch back to Sundays only.

About ratings of outside players: either they are rated by the AGA, or their rating verified by a source known to our club, or the player will have played long enough within our club so there is a consensus about their rating. Failing all these the new player will be informed that his first tournament with us will be a ratings tournament.


To avoid the problems with the John Lee simul., after establishing a date and the player's availability, the event will only be finalyzed when the requisit money is collected. This will avoid having to cover the fees due to lack of players which would severely bite into our small budget. Also this policy would avoid many phone calls and further expense. About simul. players who cancel out, I have no remedies.

It has been my feeling that we might put the simul. to better use. I think we should hire the principal player to conduct a concept and technique workshop first, then play a simul. Or we would request a more lengthy review of games. My primary concern is that the event be of more conceptual use for kyu players. I have some other ideas for educational events, but first tell me whether varying from our previous simul. format is the right direction.

The next simul. will be about October. Shall we try for John Lee again? Shall we predicate it on the willingness to conduct a, say, 30 minute workshop?


The U.S. Go Congress this year is in Seattle, Wash. from August 12th to 20th. Call Chris Kirschner at (206)323-8758 for details.

The European Go Congress is in Tuchola, Poland from July 22nd to Aug 5th. For details see the AGA Newsletter.

The Hollyhock Go Workshop with James Kerwin is Aug. 6th to 12th in British Columbia. Call me for details or write: Hollyhock, Box 127, Manson's Landing, Cortes Island, B.C. VOP 1KO.

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