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Volume 1 Issue 3 September 1995


Davis/Sacramento Go Club
c/o Frank Berkenkotter
Box 4, Guinda, CA 95637

Frank Berkenkotter 796-3582
Jim Marable 753-9723
Will Haynes 929-6112


$2.50 for rest of 1995. Send to Frank Berkenkotter at the above address. The club cannot afford to send out club materials beyond 1st Quarter without membership.

Current Balance: $136.39
1995 Expenses: $219.92
Number of Members: 34
Dues for rest of 1995:$ 2.50

Club Meeting Times:

The club meets at the Cafe Roma, 231 E Street, Davis, CA, on Thursdays from 6 p.m. on and Sundays from 1 p.m. on. (It is best to call to make sure somebody will be there on Sundays.)


Sunday, November 12
Director: Frank Berkenkotter


The club welcomes new members John Berdner, Hua Luo and Wenhai Guo who played in the recent tournament.


On September 24th, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the D/SGC held its third tournament of 1995 at Orchard Park Center in Davis. 21 players in 3 divisions took part.

In Div. I three old friends of Davis Go returned after long absences. They are Steve Burrall 3D, who won Div. I with a 4-0 record, Yoshi Sawada 3D, and Ace Barash 2D. In 2d place was Lin Zhang 4D, whom we haven't seen much of lately, with a 3-1 record. In 3rd was rapidly improving Gary Hynes with a 3-1 record.

In Div. III "Sandbag" Corbett, promoted to 5k, was winner with a 4-0 record. In 2nd was Jeff Newmiller with 3-1 and 3rd was a 4-way tie won by Ron Harris on points.

Division I

(1) Burrall 3D 4-0
(2) Zhang 4D 3-1
(3) Hynes 2D 3-1
(4) Barash 2D 2-2
(5) Guo 2D 2-2
(6) Sawada 3D 1-3
(7) D. Kent 1D 1-3
(8) Redmond 2D 0-4

Division II

(1) Corbett 6k* 4-0
(2) Newmiller 5k 3-1
(3) Harris 3k 2-2
(4) Haynes 2k 2-2
(5) Berkenkotter 3k 2-2
(6) P. Kent 4k 2-2
(7) Murphy 6k 1-3
(8) Luo 5k 0-4
(* - promoted to 5k)

Division III

(1) Reynolds 11k* 4-0
(2) Hughes 15k 2-2
(3) Berdner 11k 2-2
(4) Kreiss 14k 1-3
(5) Crawford 8k 1-3
( * - promoted to 10k)


Only the first five members are listed in the two divisions. Players must have played in 3 or more tournaments. Winners will receive free 1996 membership and a cash prize.

Division I

(1) Hynes 2D 10-2
(2) Zhang 4D 4-4
(3) Redmond 2D 3-9

Division II

(1) Grever 2k 9-1
(2) Hughs 15k 8-4
(3) Reynolds 10k` 7-1
(4) Newmiller 5k 7-1
(5) Corbett 5k 7-6


Speed Go (10 min.)

(1) J. Kong 3D
(2) Berkenkotter 3k
(3) Harris and Newmiller

Team Go (30 min)

(1) Marable-Newmiller
(2) Haynes-Corbett
(3) Berkenkotter-Harris

Four-Player Go

(1) Harris
(2) J. Kong
(3) J. Newmiller
(4) Corbett
(5) Berkenkotter

There was not enough time for "Kreigspiel" Go. In the future the tournament will be just speed Go, team Go and four-player Go. Kreigspiel may be held at a Go party if someone would care to offer their digs for such an event.


As requested, two Saturdays were included,but if turnout falls off noticeably at the February 24th tournament, the September 21st event will be switched back to a Sunday.

(1) February 24th (Saturday)
(2) May 26st (Sunday)
(3) June 16th (Sunday)*
(4) September 21st (Saturday)
(5) December 1st (Sunday)
(*-Special Events Tournament)


by Will Haynes
The U.S. Go Congress was held from August 6 to August 20, 1995, on the campus of Seattle University, a Catholic university near downtown Seattle, Washington. From this area Noné and Peter Redmond, Ron Harris and Willard Haynes attended.

The U.S. Open was won by Danning Jiang 6D. Will Haynes placed second and Ron Harris placed third in the 3 kyu division.

In addition to the Open there was also the final match of the North American Masters, won by Zhu Jiu Jiang 9D professional of San Francisco.

In the "Die-Hard" contest Ron Harris was one of three players with a 4-0 record. The Ing Competition was won by Thomas Hsiang. There were several "fun" events such as the 13x13, the 9x9, the lightening event and the "crazy" Go night.

Sixteen professional players from Japan, China, Korea and the U.S. provided game evaluations, lectures, lessons and 8 on 1 and 3 on 1 simultaneous matches. U.S. pros included Zhu-Jiu Jiang 9D, Yi-Lun Yiang 6D, Jimmy Cha 6D, James Kerwin 1D and Janice Kim 1D.

The computer Go competition was won by Dave Fotland 5D, whose program, The Many Faces of Go, is well- known.


by Frank Berkenkotter
The EGC was held from July 22 through August 8 in Tuchola, Poland, at a small forestry college in northwest Poland. There were 380 players ranging from 63 from Germany to 3 from the U.S. and from 28 kyu to 7 Dan-Professional.

The winner of the top division and Grand Champion of Europe is Guo Juan 7D-Pro, a woman player from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Second was Christoph Garlach 5D of Germany and third was Wataru Miyakawa 6D of France.

I had a rough time in the main tournament at 1-9 (11/2 hours per player) but was 8-6 in what was called the "rapid" tournament which was 30 minutes per player. Given time to thing . . . . There was much discussion in the tournament about the need for "firm" ratings. It was rumored that Romanian players would receive a State stipend for winning records which led to lower ratings. If I were to enter again my rating will go down to 5 kyu.

An interesting statistic was the 43 women players (11%) in contrast to the paucity of women in U.S. Go. Don't forget that the overall winner was a woman who is a 7 Dan-Pro.

The most youthful national group was the Romanian group of 43 (lead by Christian Pop (5D)'s finish of 5th overall, and with finishers at 8th, 12th, 14th, 16th and many others down the list). Most impressive were the Romanian children who were all over the kyu ranks. A common sight was the Romanian Dan players training the younger players all the way down to the 28 kyus.

Other items on my trip included a trip to Torun, a 12th Century city and the birthplace of Nicholas Copernicus and much walking and touring around Warsaw. Memorable were the old-style farming, refusals to cash (and severe doubts about) traveler's checks and, in spite of poverty, seeing almost no beggars.

Next Euro-Congress: Milan, Italy, July, 1996.


Primarily for players outside our area who want notification about our tournaments and simuls, we will offer postcard notification for $5.00 for the seven postcards sent out during the year. Players in the category are not qualified for the club championship (nor, hence, for the cash prize or free membership).


A simul with Joey Hung 6D has been set for Sunday, October 8, 1995 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Orchard Park Center (building 27).

Joey Hung 6D was a competitor in the World Youth Go Competition and the Fujitsu qualifications and was the recent winner of the Open competition in the San Francisco Go Club's September tournament.

The fee will be $8.00. The Club will underwrite the $55.00 minimum fee for 6 or fewer players and will give whatever fees are collected over this amount to Mr. Hung. Joey said that he would review games. To facilitate this I will hand out recording sheets.

A postcard will be sent when a firm date is set.


(1) December 16-17, 1995.
(2) March 16-17, 1996.

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