Davis/Sacramento Go Club Newsletter

Volume 1 Issue 4 December 1995


Davis/Sacramento Go Club
c/o Frank Berkenkotter
Box 4, Guinda, CA 95637

Frank Berkenkotter 796-3582
Jim Marable 753-9723
Will Haynes 929-6112

Club Meeting Times:

The club meets at the Cafe Roma, 231 E Street, Davis, CA, on Thursdays from 6 p.m. on and Sundays from 1 p.m. on. (It is best to call to make sure somebody will be there on Sundays.)


For $10.00/year dues you receive postcards for all events and quarterly newsletters. For $5.00 you receive postcards only, but are still eligible for club championships. Make checks payable to Frank Berkenkotter, not the D/SGo Club as bank account costs are too expensive. At year's end an income and expense sheet is issued. Get dues in soon. There will only be one reminder. The club is an American Go Association affiliate. If you are interested in being a personal member of the AGA (dues are $25.00/year) write: American Go Association, P.O. Box 397, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10113.

1995 Numbers:
Dues:			$355.31
Expenses:		$327.45
Year End Balance:	$ 27.86
Number of Members:	   34


The club welcomes new members for 1996 Ace Barash (2D), Chi Ping Kam (3k), Charles So (3k) and King Lam (5k).


On September 12th, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the D/SGC held its fourth tournament of 1995 at Orchard Park Center in Davis. A record 24 players played, in four divisions.

In Division I, Gary Hynes (2D), broke a three-way tie with a victory over Lin Zhang (4D), for first place. Zhang was second and Jung Kong (4D) was third. Promote Hynes to 3D?

In Division II, Ron Harris (3k) won with a 4-0 record (promoted to 2k). Second was Will Haynes (2k) and third was Peter Kent (4k).

In Division III, Jeff Murphy (6k) won with a 4-0 record (promoted to 5k). In second was Jeff Newmiller and third was Jackson.

In Division IV, John Berdner (11k) won with a 3-0 record, second was Kreiss (2-1) and third was Dan Lee (1-2).

Division I

(1) Haynes 2D		3-1
(2) Zhang 4D		3-1
(3) Kong 4D		3-1
(4) Redmond 2D 		1-3
(7)  D. Kent 1D		0-4

Division II

(1) Harris 3k*		4-0
(2) Haynes 2k		3-1
(3) P. Kent 4k		2-2
(4) Tanenbaum 3k	2-2
(5) Berkenkotter 3k	2-2
(6) Wahl 3k		2-2
(7) Chi Kam 3k		1-3
(8) Charles So 3k	0-4
(* - promoted to 2k)

Division III

(1) Murphy 6k*		4-0
(2) Newmiller 5k	3-1
(3) Jackson 5k		2-2
(4) Lam 14k		2-2
(5)  Corbett 5k		2-2
(6)  Rinker 5k		1-2
(7)  Floyd 5k		0-3
( * - promoted to 10k)

Division IV

(1) Berdner 11k		3-0
(2) Kreiss 14k		2-1
(3) Dan Lee 12k		1-2
(4) Swilley 25k		0-3


The division I champion, with a 13-3 record was Gary Haynes. The division II winner was Ron Harris (2k), with a 11-7 record. Both will receive a prize of $20.00 and free club membership for 1996. To win the championship you must be a club member and have competed in three or more tournaments. Our congratulations to the winners. Final Standings were:

Division I

(1) Hynes 3D		13-3
(2) Zhang 4D		7-5
(3) Redmond 2D		4-12

Division II

(1) Harris 2k		11-7
(2) Newmiller 5k	10-3
(3) Haynes 2k		9-4
(4) Murphy 5k		9-9
(5) Hughes 15k		8-4


On October 8th at Orchard Park Center, seven players played the simultaneous match with Joey Hung (6D). Jim Marable (2k) won his game while Corbett, Berkenkotter, Newmiller, P. Kent, Haynes and Murphy lost theirs. I (Berkenkotter) lost my game by 20 points, including a lost group. Had I put down one more stone to make this group live I would have won, but I have a reluctance to make gote moves. Is there a message here? Does this fit you?


For our next simul. I ask your input. I want the principal player to play us two tries in an even game until we are clearly getting crushed. Then he reviews the game to that point, for everyone. Then we repeat the even game one more time, he reviews again unless, of course, you are winning. Then we play a handicap game to completion. With your approval, I will ask the next simul player if he will do this. Tell me what you think.


The deadline for entry in the third Redmond Cup competition is December 1st. The Redmond Cup was initiated by Michael and his parents, None and Peter, to further U.S. Go. The competition is in two divisions: under 12 years and 12 to 17 years. U. S. competition leads to world competition. For information call None Redmond at 265-0389.

The club has sent out flyers to local schools without much response. Probably players for the Redmond and other youth Go competitions will come from children of Go players. This leads me to say that I have heard parents say "(s)he's too young yet" - wrong! It is not recommended that their arms be twisted, but also do not presume anything. Remember Rin Kaiho was Shodan at six years of age. Kids playact at first, then imitate, then do. No such thing as too young.


As requested, two Saturdays were included,but if turnout falls off noticeably at the February 24th tournament, the September 21st event will be switched back to a Sunday.

(1)  February 24th (Saturday)
(2)  May 26st (Sunday)
(3)  June 16th (Sunday)*
(4)  September 21st (Saturday)
(5)  December 1st (Sunday)
(*-Special Events Tournament)


(1)  December 16-17, 1995.
(2)  March 16-17, 1996.

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