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Volume 2: Issue 1---------------------------------March 1996


Davis/Sacramento Go Club
c/o Frank Berkenkotter
Box 4, Guinda, CA 95637

Frank Berkenkotter 796-3582
Jim Marable 753-9723
Will Haynes 929-6112

Membership Update

As of March we have 27 members, down from 37 in 1995. A few players have moved away and a few are not renewed from '95. Thank yourselves for becoming members as many of you will not recall an earlier time when Go players were hard to find. Our Dues might have to go up as our tournament site will probably change making it necessary for the club to pay for space. See New Tournament Site Needed, page two. NEW MEMBERS: Sam Shiah, 6k; Louis Abronson, 10k; David Kent, 1D; King Lam 4k; and Mark Rinker, 4k. We welcome you. The club is an American Go Association affiliate. If you are interested in being a personal member of the AGA (dues are $25.00/year) write: American Go Association, P.O. Box 397, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10113.

1996 Numbers:

Dues: $251.03

Expenses: $82.90

Year End Balance: $168.13

Number of Members: 27


On March 2, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the D/SGC held its first tournament of 1996 at Orchard Park Center in Davis. A record 19 players played, in four divisions.

In Division I, Will Haynes (2k*), broke a three-way tie for first by virtue of his defeat of Jun Kong (4D) and more points. He was promoted to 1k.

In Division II, Peter Kent (3k) broke a tie with victories over stronger opponents. Jeff Murphy was second.

In Division III, newcomer Louis Abronson (11k*) was undefeated and promoted to 10k. John Hughes was also promoted because both of his victories were over 6ks.

Division I

  1. Haynes 2k* 3-1
  2. Kong 4D 3-1
  3. Zhang 4D 2-2
  4. Grever 2k 2-2
  5. Hynes 2D 2-2
  6. D. Kent 1D 2-2
  7. Scammon 1k 1-3
  8. Redmond 2D 1-3
  9. Liang 1D 0-4

*- promoted to 1k.

Division II

  1. P. Kent 3k 3-1
  2. Murphy 5k 3-1
  3. K. Lam 4k 2-2
  4. Newmiller 5k 2-2
  5. Berkenkotter 3k 2-2
  6. M. Rinker 4k 1-3
  7. Corbett 5k 1-2

(* - promoted to 2k)

Division III

  1. Abronson 11k* 3-0
  2. Hughes 15k** 2-1
  3. Shiah 6k 1-2
  4. Newbold 6k 0-3

( * - promoted to 10k) ( ** - promoted to 14k)

Next Tournament:

May 26 (Sunday)

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Comment: A few games took too long. In the next tournament I would like to use the 3 clocks we have, and maybe some of you might purchase one. I will look into funding for another 3 or so.

New Tournament Site Needed

We are losing our "in" at Orchard Park and due to competition we had problems getting the dates we wanted. I have been looking at other sites. The Unitarian Church was $400 for eight hours, the Davis Art Center $150, and our application for a fee waiver for a space with the City of Davis has just been submitted. Without a waiver the City's price is $32/hour ($256 for eight hours).

Assuming 20 players, costs would run from $7.50 at the Art Center to $12.80 at the City of Davis site. There are all sorts of questions here. Will a sufficient number pay $7.50? Do we want four tournaments? Are there other spaces?

Please give me your input and any suggestions that you have. While you are at it, do your favorite incantation for a fee waiver from the City of Davis. We will try to reserve Orchard Park for the tournaments on May 26th and June 16th, but by September we will either be in a new location or not in the tournament business.

Ned Phipps Simul.

On March 31 (Sunday) at 3:00 p.m. at Orchard Park, the club will play Ned Phipps, veteran 6 Dan, in simultaneous matches. Fee: $8.00. Observers welcome.

Special Events Tournament

Date: June 16th

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Place: not yet set.

Events will be speed Go and Pair Team Go. Speed Go will be on full-sized board with 10 minutes time and 10 second boyomi until the game is complete. Semis and finals in the morning. In Pair Go a stronger and a less strong player will be combined and handicaps figured. Each team will be given 30 minutes per game. Three teams or more must enter to hold the event.

D/SGC On-Line

Jim Marable and Jeff Newmiller have put information about the club on-line with the Davis / Sacramento Go Club Web Page. It includes the on-line edition and past issues of the newsletter and access to other Go sites and information on the World Wide Web. Access the site at:

http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~jlm/go.html [Ed note: this address is outdated.]

Goodbye to Jun Kong

Jun could be as close by as Livermore, but the next stop for him is not known yet. We hope he will be close by and play in our tournaments. We thank you very much for arranging our use of the Community Center room and for teaching us about Go.

START 'EM YOUNG. Above is Frank Berkenkotter's granddaughter, Zoe, two years old, playing her version of "Goat." Frank's ambitions for youth Go have undergone revision. The hopeful sign is that she no longer attempts to eat the stones.

Club History

If space and interest permit we will have a player biography in each issue. First, however, some history of the club.

Steve Burrell, Frank Berkenkotter and a few others played Go in Davis in the early '80s. The current club began in the Fall of 1988 when Carl Foytik and Berkenkotter joined forces at the Cafe Roma.

The club had 9 players in 1988, 15 in 1989 and 37 in 1995. We have played tournaments and simuls. at 6 different locations, and have had 6 different master simul. Players, including Jiu Ju Jiang, 9 Dan.

Beside the current members, more than 50 other players have played with the club. The club has benefitted from the contributions of many, but is especially indebted to Jim Marable and Will Haynes for computor productions and administrative assistance. We are hoping that we can make the transition to a new tournament location and the costs that go with it.

Player Biography: Frank Berkenkotter Rank: 3 kyu.

Education: M.A. 1965, M.F.A (Art) 1972). Employment: teaching, engineering, organic almond farming.

Frank's first contact with Go was in the early 1960's. He did not play again until 1976 when his interest in "luck" games waned and curiosity got him into Go. He had no one to play with until he returned to California in 1980 so he was still a beginner then.

Since 1980 Frank has played in many tournaments in Northern California, three AGA Congresses and two Euro-Go Congresses. His interest in running a Go club came from years of frustration in Illinois with no players to be found. He would replay "The '71 Honinbo" over and over.


12th American Go Congress

July 20 to 27, 1996

Cleveland, Ohio

     Duane Burns
     7276 Wilson Hills Rd.
     Chesterland, OH 44026

  (Approx. cost:  $450.00)

40th Congresso Europeo

July 20 to August 3, 1996 Abano, Italy

(about 10 miles from Padua (Padova),
 which is 25 miles west of Venice)

(brochure available)

(Approx. cost:  $1,662.00, including air fare)

13th Hollyhock Conference on Go

Go workshop with James Kerwin, 
the U. S.'s first Professional ranked
by the Japanese Go Association.

July 7 to 13, 1996

Cortes Island, British Columbia

(Approx. cost $690.00) 

A Curious Ko Fight

White to play.

(See AGA Jounal, Fall 1995.)

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