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Volume 2: Issue 2---------------------------------June 1996


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Tourney Site Update

Our next tournament will be at Sacramento State Student Union, on Saturday, September 21, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. A postcard with directions will be sent, but check your maps for offramps from Highway 50 at Power Inn Road, etc. There will be a charge of about $3.00 now that we are out of Orchard Park, but there will be free parking and food and drink is available in the same building. More later.

AGA Membership

The club is an American Go Association affiliate. If you are interested in being a personal member of the AGA (dues are $25.00/year) write: American Go Association, P.O. Box 397, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10113.

1996 Numbers:


On May 26, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the D/SGC held its second tournament of 1996 at Orchard Park Center in Davis. 16 players played, in two divisions.

In Division I, Jeff Newmiller broke a three-way tie for first and was promoted to 3 kyu. Louis Abronson, who was 10 kyu just last March, played this time at 5 kyu and finished with a strong 3-1 record.

In Division II, John Berdner broke a tie with John Hughes at 3-1 with his victory in their game, and was promoted to 8 kyu. Take note, however: newcomer Dean Sniegowski, 16 kyu, handed John his only loss - a sign of things to come.

Division I

  1. Newmiller, 4k* 3-1
  2. P. Kent, 3k 3-1
  3. Abronson, 5k 3-1
  4. Corbett, 5k 2-2
  5. Redmond, 2D 2-2
  6. Haynes, 1k 2-2
  7. Murphy, 5k 2-2
  8. Berkenkotter, 3k 1-3
  9. D. Kent, 1D 0-4

*- promoted to 3k.

Division II

(* - promoted to 8k)

Club Standings

Division I

  1. P. Kent, 3k 6-2
  2. Haynes, 1k 5-3
  3. Murphy, 5k 5-3
  4. Newmiller, 3k 5-3
  5. (5 tied with 3 wins)

Division II

  1. Hughes, 10k 5-2
  2. Abronson, 10k 3-0
  3. Berdner, 8k 3-1
  4. (3 tied
  5. with 3 wins)

Next Tournament:

Player Biography: Peter Redmond, 2D

Education: BEE 1951, Ph. D. Mathematical Physics, 1954. Employment: teaching, analyst in a think tank, and computer programming.

My first contact with Go was in 1963, the year my youngest son Michael was born. The Santa Barbara Go Club was very small and very weak until a few Japanese joined the club. Even so the strongest players were about 1 kyu - 1 Dan.

The RAFU Kiin (Los Angeles Go Club) had tournaments four times a year and after a while I got into the habit of going to these tournaments on a fairly regular basis. My game improved by playing stronger players and I achieved a rank of about 1 kyu.

In the early '70's I taught Michael how to play. Very soon he was the strongest player in Santa Barbara so I felt he deserved the opportunity to play in the LA tournaments. He did very well, and every few tournaments they would promote him. Richard Dolan, 6 Dan, and a Nihonphile, took Michael under his wing. Dolan had many contacts in Japan, including members of the Nihon Kiin. He persuaded my wife and me that Michael would enjoy a vacation playing Go in Japan and we agreed. Michael and Richard visited Japan that summer, beginning a process that led Michael to choose professional Go as a career.

After Michael left for Japan the Santa Barbara Go club atrophied and I stopped playing the game until about a year before I moved to Northern California. I am now a more avid Go player than ever and the long Go vacation does not seem to have had any ill effects.

Team and Speed Go Tourneys Postponed

Because the number of past participants in the team and speed Go events was low and now that we are paying for tournament space, I postponed these tournaments until we can make other arrangements for these events. There was to have been a tournament on June 16th.

I've thought of a number of ways of conducting tourneys, but let's first see if there is sufficient interest in playing in the speed and team go events. Let me know. If there is a sufficient number interested, I'll make plans. I had thought, for team Go, that teams could be formed and competition conducted as a league until the end of the year, meaning teams would play each other many times by year's end. If you are interested, form your teams and I will make a schedule. I would be interested in forming a team with someone.

No Charge for Players Under 17 at AGA Congress

At the American Go Association Congress, July 20 thru 27, in Cleveland, Ohio, anyone under 17 years old who enters all the regular tourneys and stays for the whole Congress will be admitted free. The cost is approximately $515. Interest players (both those under 17 and the rest of us) should contact: U. S. Go Congress '96, P.O. Box 21730, South Euclid, Ohio 44121, or call 216-729-5251 or 216-382-0752 for information. Any under 17 who have already paid their entry fees can get a refund at the Congress.

Results of Simul.

The simultaneous match with Ned Phipps, 6 Dan, on March 31, at Orchard Park, was made difficult by variety of calamities, including having to cut short four of the games when the next group appeared a half-hour early. Under these circumstances, D. Kent, Murphy and Berkenkotter won their games while Shiah, Haynes and Newmiller lost theirs and Corbett, Abronson, P. Kent and Newbold ended up with byes. Does anyone have any contacts with strong players for October? I might be able to get Joey Hung, 6 Dan, but if someone has ideas and contacts, feel free . . . .

New Tourney Sites

After two months of phone calls, applications, and reading the fine print, we've finally arrived at the following playing sites and details:

In Sacramento the two sites were Sacramento State Student Union ($40.00?) and Nisei War Memorial ($50). In Davis there was only one best site, that being the Davis Branch of the Yolo Co. Public Library ($45.00), but competition is heavy for its use - good luck required to secure dates even two months in advance. Our announcements will have to be tentative for this site.

Site rental fees (due in advance) will require us to raise membership dues to $15.00 per year and charge a fee of $2 to $3 to play in a tournament. This situation puts conducting simultaneous play matches into question. Since there are fewer players at a simul and the "master" charges a fee, the rental fee puts the total around $12 to $15 per player - which may not find that many takers. I will schedule simuls in the future only when enough players have committed (and maybe paid?) in advance.

My thanks to John Hughes and Will Haynes who suggested the Sacramento sites. In retrospect, we have led a charmed life in Davis with the site at Orchard Park since 1989. So, Davisites, leave no stone unturned regarding potential Go players living in Orchard Park or Solano Park. We'd like to get back in there.

Tom and Rich's Big Adventure 

Tom Corbett and Rich Newbold recently joined the Gardena Go Club in celebrating the visit of Takeshi Aragak, 9 Dan. Aragaki-san is on a goodwil tour of the world as one of the living treasures of Japan. Originally from Okinawa, he learned Go as a disciple of Sakata and Eio.

"Our trip had been meticulously planned," says Rich. "Every contingency had been provided for, which was a good thing! Our scheduled flight to Southern California was cancelled by the dreaded tule fog. Luckily, I had previously identified an alternate means of transportation. A friend of mine conveyed us to Santa Barbara, in what seemed hardly any time, in his luzurious auto. Tom and I are experts on how to pass the time painlessly - Tom has the nicest portable Go set I've ever seen!

"We rendezvoused with the Gardena Go Club at the motel at around 11 p.m. Of course, we immediately held a tournament. Most of the club members didn't speak English fluently, and I certainly don't speak Japanese; but members did repeatedly and merrily teach me the meaning of one Japanese word, baca (stupid), in a most friendly way.

"The next morning we ensconced ourselves at UC Santa Barbara. A number of interested Go players from San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles joined us. Aragaki-san played 4 players at a time in teaching games (allowing us to make the better moves he suggested when the baca level had become to painful for him). Of course, he bulldozed almost everybody. I think that there was one 4 Dan who managed to win by a few points with a 4-stone handicap and some helpful hints.

"That night we had a Japanese banquet fit for emperors in the downtown area (a place worth visiting for its own charms). We then headed back for Gardena. Tom and I were put up at the New Gardena Hotel at very a reasonable rate. The hotel is also the location of the Gardena Go Club (the city of Gardena has many ethnically-related businesses). This hotel specializes in accommodating Japanese businessmen; therefore it is almost like taking a trip to Japan. For example, there are the 20 putting greens in the back squeezed into an area you could barely play horseshoes in.

"As the plane left the tarmac at LAX, Tom and I settled back in our seats with a feeling of satisfaction - we didn't even feel like getting in a quick game. There were many vivid memories to roll around in our heads. We had made friends with many friendly, interesting and un-baca people."

The Gardena Club is considering similar trips to Palm Springs and San Diego in conjunction with the visits of other masters. To be notified of the next excursion, contact the club's director, Bob Terry, 5 Dan, at (310) 425-2376. Many of you may remember him as a frequent contributor to the Go Journal and owner of Yutopian Enterprises.

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