Davis/Sacramento Go Club

Volume 3 Issue 1 - March 1997

Dues: Last Notice '97

This is the last reminder about dues for '97. Our budget is small and we cannot afford to continue mailings to non-members.

Membership Update:

As of 3/11 we have 24 paid members, 10 down from '96, but many "formers" await "signing bonuses" - oh this free agency. The club welcomes new members: Dean Sniegowski, 8k, Michiel De Vries, 1k, & Fred Hopkins, 4d.

Re: AGA Membership

The club is an American Go Club affiliate. If you are interested in AGA, write: American Go Association, P.O. Box 397, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10113.


Davis/Sacramento Go Club
c/o Frank Berkenkotter
Box 4, Guinda, CA 95637

Frank Berkenkotter


Will Haynes



On March 8th, from 9am to 6pm, the D/SGC held its first tournament of 1997 at Sacramento State U. 15 players played in two divisions. In Division I, Ling Wen Zhang II breezed to a 4-0 record and Will Haynes 1k, a player Dan guys would like promoted was 2nd with 3-1, and 3rd was a two-way tie at 2-2.

In Division II the reign of "6kyu for life" Newbold has come to an end as he was undefeated here and promoted to 5k. In 2nd was Dean Sniegowski 8k, who broke a tie with Sam Shiah, on pts. both with 3-1 records.

Division I

  1. L. Zhang 4D


  • Haynes 1k
  • 3-1

  • P. Kent 1k
  • 2-2

  • S. Burrall 4D
  • 2-2

  • Abronson 3D
  • 1-3

  • Redmond 1D
  • 0-4

    Division II

    1. Newbold 6k*


  • Sniegowski 8k
  • 3-1

  • Shiah 4k
  • 3-1

  • J. Zhang 3k
  • 2-2

  • Murphy 5k
  • 2-2

  • Newmiller 3k
  • 2-2

  • Berkenkotter 3k
  • 1-3

  • Hopkins 4k
  • 1-3

  • M. Burrall 20k
  • 0-4

    *-- promoted to 5 kyu

    Next Tournament

    June 8th, (Sunday) 9a.m to 6 p.m. [Davis Library]

    Re: Clocks and the Ing Foundation

    Right after a tournament is a good place for this discussion about clocks I had with Larry Gross, a Western Representative of the AGA and the U.S. Ing Foundation. I called him about other matters but most of the time was spent discussing our needs and how the Ing Foundation could fill them. I said our major need was clocks, and he replied that possibly something could be done here. I have sent him a letter about our needs and have offered to pay some part of the costs to help the project along. I asked for 15 Ing clocks which I've used and are good clocks, and pending our decision to use Ing stones, there might be more in the offing. Clocks would improve our tournaments much and is well worth it to us to ante up some "earnest money" to help the deal along. How much are we willing to offer here? Also, do we want to use Ing stones and boards? Definitely give me input on these matters as I will be asked about them before too long. (The idea to pay part of the costs herein was mine and in no way did Mr. Gross imply the need of.)

    Summer Go Activities

    Don't go on vacation at Yellowstone, or Yosemite again; how about a Go vacation at one of these locations this summer.

    U.S. Go Congress

    It will be in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this year. Contact: Sam Zimmerman, 717/898-9363, more to come later. August 16-24.

    The Euro-Go-Congress

    It will be in Marseilles, S. of France, July 19-August 2 (I have all details to make reservations).

    Hollyhock Go Workshop

    July 13-19, a Go Workshop with James Kerwin, 1 Dan-Pro., on Cortes Is., British Columbia. (Call me for details)

    Go Booth at Whole Earth Festival

    Steve Burrall and myself had discussed the club's running a booth at the Whole Earth Festival (WEF) which runs May 9, 10 and 11. I sent for the application and tok the liberty of completing it and forwarding the fee of $35.00 in the educational category. (since it was due by March 30th. The $35 came from Tim Jeans.)

    Pending our acceptance, we'll need at least 2 volunteers a day who would have to play Go all day long and listen to a lot of music and not overdo eating at all the ethnic food booths, but someone has to do it. We will also need a table for the 7'x7' booth, chairs, and signs. So let's hear from some volunteers. It would be a public relations event for us and could attract new members.

    I also spoke with Judith Redmond, sister of Michael, about having a booth at the "Hoes Down" Fair, in October in Capay Valley, one mile from my home. Hoes Down is smaller than WEF, but similar in scope and is a fund raiser for the California Council of Organic Farmers. More on this later.

    D/SGC Members in Zhu Jiu Jiang Tournament

    The tournament was held January 4 and 5 in San Jose, California. From our club Steve Burrall had a record of 4-1 and was promoted to 4 Dan. Congratulations. Louis Abronson 2D was 3-2, and Peter Kent 1k also went 3-2. So it would appear that our ratings hold up well amongst the local competition.

    Editorial: Changes in '96 and '97

    In '96 our big changes was in getting settled in new tournament locations which has worked well. A thanks to many people on this. At the same time as the above we've also been undergoing a changeover in our computer related tasks in address labels and newsletter production, and we're very grateful to Jim Marable for taking care of these jobs for us for several years. So this issue of the newsletter is the first in which Will Haynes has done the computer work, and Frank B. does the initial writing, but we will now have 3 committee members review and edit. Pleas feel free to contribute articles and make suggestions. Will is also making up the address labels, and if this proves to be too much for one person, is there someone who would volunteer to do the address labels? (We pay for materials.) And lastly, one of the appointed committee members declined to serve. Is there someone interested in being one of 4 committee members whose tasks are running one tournament, reviewing the newsletter, and receiving input, and perhaps doing an odd task every so often?

    Sam Shiah Biography

    Sam Shiah 4k, who is 11 years old, has played with our club since Sept. 1995. He was born in Taipei, Taiwan Rep. Of China in 1986. Sam's father, Summer Shiah, is enrolled at Golden Gate University in the DBA program (Doc. Of Bus. Ad.) Here too are Ms. Shyou Hwei, Sam's mother, and sister Amber, living in Davis.

    Sam learned Go (Wei-chi in Taiwan) at 6 years old and was enrolled in the Taipei Wei-Chi School shortly thereafter which had over 100 students. Later Sam attended the Ing School for Go which, at various locations, had over 1000 students. Inour own ranks Sam has progressed down to 4 kyu, and I believe is stronger than that right now.

    Sam's father and myself suggested a few future occupations to Sam and he declined being an astronaut, a Pro-Go player, and playing in the NBA (basketball) for now. So we will have to wait a while about Sam's occupation(s). We all knew this at 11 years, right?

    We hope we are putting up enough competition so Sam can continue to improve, as well as all of our players. We hope Sam's visit will be for a long while.

    San Francisco Go Club

    The San Francisco Go Club, the oldest go club in the United States, is in financial difficulties. Since they were forced to move from their longtime home in an historic building near the Japan Trade Center, their expenses have been much greater than in the past and their membership has declined. An anonymous benefactor has pledged up to $3000 if the club can raise matching donations. If you would like to help the San Francisco Go Club, you can send your donations to:

    SF Go Club
    2949 Balboa St.
    San Francisco, CA 94121-2727
    Attn: Maury Ostroff

    Indicate that you are contributing to the matching fund.

    Number of Players on Thursday and Sunday

    For those curious, on Thursday s we've been averaging 8-10 players (the record is 16 players) at Café Roma. On Sundays the average is one to at times three games from 1pm on. It is advised to make pre-arrangements re: Sundays. We also encourage players to make private arrangements as a few players do. So for those wondering whether we're really there, we really are and you may play several games of varying strength. So come on down.

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