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Volume 4 Issue 2 - July 1998

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Membership Update

As of 6/3/98, we have 28 paid members, down 2 from 1997. The club welcomes new members Pat Grever, 2k, and John Low, 10k.

New Playing Site

Some members have begun playing at the Galleria, 29th and J in Sacramento on Tuesday evenings from 6 to 10 pm.

1998 Numbers:





Number of members:



Davis/Sacramento Go Club
c/o Frank Berkenkotter
Box 4, Guinda, CA 95637

The Club Committee:

Frank Berkenkotter


Will Haynes


Steve Burrall


Peter Kent




On June 6th, the Davis/Sacramento Go Club held its second tournament of 1998 at the Yolo County Library in Davis. There were 17 players in one group. Results were split into two divisions between 2k and 3k.

In Division I, Steve Burrall, 4D, placed first followed by Will Haynes, 1k, and Peter Kent, 1k.

In Division II, Matt Burrall, 14k, continued his climb with a 3-0 record (he had a bye because of an odd number of players). Jeff Murphy, 4k, and Rich Newbold, 5k, placed second and third respectively.

Division I

  1. S. Burrall, 4D


  • Haynes 1k
  • 3-1

  • Kent 1k
  • 2-2

  • Sniegowski 2k
  • 2-2

  • Grever, 2k
  • 2-2

  • Taya 1k
  • 1-3

  • Shiah 2k
  • 1-3

    Division II

    1. M. Burrall, 14k*


  • Murphy, 4k
  • 3-1

  • Newbold, 5k
  • 3-1

  • Berkenkotter, 3k
  • 2-2

  • Newmiller, 3k
  • 2-2

  • Hopkins, 4k
  • 2-2

  • Corbett, 3k
  • 2-2

  • K. Burrall, 11k
  • 1-3

  • Kreiss, 8k
  • 0-3

  • Hannon, 12k
  • 0-3

    *-- promoted to 13 kyu

    The Club Championships Standings

    The club gives a free membership and a small cash prize to the players in Division I and II with the most wins. You must be a member and play in 3 or more tournaments in the year. Last year's winners were Steve Burrall, 4D, with 10 wins, and Dean Sniegowski, 2k, with 11 wins.

    Division I

    1. S. Burrall, 4D

    6 wins

  • P. Kent, 1k
  • 4 wins

  • Haynes 1k
  • 3 wins

    Two players are tied with 2 wins.

    Division II

    1. Murphy, 4k

    6 wins

  • Newbold, 5k
  • 6 wins

  • M. Burrall, 13k
  • 5 wins

    Three players are tied with 3 wins.

    Player Biography: Yoshi Sawada

    by Steve Burrall

    Yoshi Sawada was born on June 4, 1950 in Kinshasa, Belgian Congo while his father was stationed there working for the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Six years later they moved to Belgium and eventually moved back to Japan where he attended elementary school and high school, though he attended junior high in Geneva.

    His father was a very strong amateur Go player; his rank was the highest, 5 dan, given to amateurs in those days, although he would probably be 7 dan in today's rankings. Yoshi watched his father play Go often, but was not allowed to touch the Go equipment and did not actually play Go while growing up.

    After attending college in Besancon, France, he went to work for the Japanese Foreign Ministry in Paris. There he began actually playing Go as well as developing expert golfing skills. A few years later he came to the U.S. where he nearly became a professional golfer. Shuttling back to Japan in the off seasons allowed him to take some lessons from the Go pros and mingle with such renowned players as Ishida, Rin, and the Kobayashis (Satoru and Chizu, whose father was a good friend of Yoshi's father).

    He ended up in Sacramento helping establish the Japanese American Community Center and worked there until Proposition 13 eliminated its funding. During those years he received his 1 dan and 3 dan diplomas from the Nihon Kiin.

    He worked for Furrow's Hardware (later Lumberjack) training personnel during the early 80's, during which time I had the good fortune to meet him at the Sacramento Go Club and begin improving under his superb instruction. His legendary generosity led to the next career change; he completed an arduous task as a favor for a Japanese businessman while at Furrow's and before long he had a hectic career as highly sought-after international business consultant. As the Japanese economy has cooled, he has been able to cut the workaholic schedule back and play more Go as well as working as a professional tennis instructor at Laguna Racquet Club. He is currently ranked 4 dan and lives in the Pocket with his wonderful wife, Keiko.

    Odds 'n' Ends (F.B.)

    1998 Tournament Schedule

    The remaining tournaments of 1998 will be held on the following dates.

    Sept. 12 at CSUS

    Nov. 21 at Davis

    Dues Payments

    Please make checks payable to Frank Berkenkotter, not the club, as a club bank account would be too expensive.

    Go Booth at Whole Earth Festival (May 9, 10, 11)

    A special thanks to Peter Kent for being a big factor in our having the WEF booth again this year. Also, thanks to Misters Hannon, Sorin, Haynes, Newmiller, Sniegowski, Lee, and Hopkins. I think the expense of the booth ($35) is worth it in the number of inquiries that we got, but does everyone? Does anyone want to set up our booth at other events, hopefully free, like the County Fair in Woodland and elsewhere? If so, please feel free to use the club's table and chairs.

    Resuming Simultaneous Matches

    By F. Berkenkotter

    Until 1997, we had simultaneous matches (simul) with strong amateur players about twice a year. A simul is a match in which a strong player plays several players at once. Since we now need to schedule rooms far in advance, making arrangements for simul has become more difficult, but I think we need the simuls to upgrade our general level of play. I have contacted Ned Phipps, 6dan, and he has agreed to play a simul on Saturday, Oct. 10th. As in the past, there will be a fee to play (about $6-$8) and Ned Phipps said he will play up to 10 opponents. I will try to schedule other players for additional events in the future. You will be notified by postcard and word of mouth when the location and time are set.

    U.S. Go Congress 1998

    The U.S. Go Congress will be held from Aug. 2 to 8 at St. John's University in Santa Fe, New Mexico. To register, call the Seattle Go Center at (206)545-1424 between 7pm and 11pm or email go@seattlego.org or Grant Franks at ghfranks@clark.net. Call Frank or Willard if you would like more information.

    European Go Congress in Romania

    The European Go Congress will be held from July 25 to Aug. 8 in Constanta, Romania. For more information, call Frank or send a fax to 0040.1.2123746 or e-mail to rgf@unicom.ro or on the web at http://www.unicom.ro/frgo.

    Hollyhock Workshop on Go

    Each year a go workshop with James Kerwin, the first U.S. professional ranked by the Nihon Kiin in Japan. For information, write Hollyhock, P.O. Box 127, Manson's Landing, B.C. V0P 1K0, Canada.

    1999 U.S. Go Congress

    The 1999 U.S. Go Congress will be held in San Francisco at SFSU in late July or early August.

    Club Ratings

    The June tournament was the first club event that was run using a computerized paring and rating program. We should thank Fred Hopkins for providing the program and computer equipment, and for directing the tournament. The program, AccelRat, pairs each round based on players previous ratings and their results in the previous rounds. It updates all players' ratings based on their results in the tournament.

    These are the ending ratings for the June tournament.



    S. Burrall
































    M. Burrall


     These ratings will be used as a starting point for our next tournament.

    AGA Membership

    The club is an affiliate of the American Go Association. If you are interested in individual membership in the AGA, dues are $25 per year. Please write to:

    American Go Association
    P.O. Box 397
    Old Chelsea Station
    New York, NY 10113

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