Davis/Sacramento Go Club

Volume 4 Issue 4 - December 1998

Membership Update

Dues will be $16 for 1999. With membership you are notified about our events, you receive our newsletter, and you are eligible for the club's championships. Winners receive a free membership and a small cash prize. But most important, your membership contributes to a thriving community of Go players, so get those dues in soon.

Remember, make out checks to Frank Berkenkotter, since we don't have a bank account. A financial statement is included with this newsletter.

1998 Numbers:





Number of members:



Davis/Sacramento Go Club
c/o Frank Berkenkotter
Box 4, Guinda, CA 95637

The Club Committee:

Frank Berkenkotter


Will Haynes


Steve Burrall


Fred Hopkins


Jeff Newmiller




On November 28th, the D/SGC held its fourth tournament of 1998 at the Yolo County Library in Davis. There were 8 players playing in one group. This was the lowest turnout in years. We will avoid scheduling on Thanksgiving weekend in the future. Results were split into two divisions between 2k and 3k.

In Division I, Will Haynes, 1k, placed first followed by Steve Burrall, 5D, in second. Steve played a number of games with several handicap stones, because he was the only Dan player.

In Division II, Matt Burrall, now 9k, won breaking a tie with Geof Crawford.

Division I

  1. Haynes 1k


  • S. Burrall 5D
  • 2-2

  • Berkenkotter 2k
  • 2-2

  • Newmiller 3k
  • 1-3

    Division II

    1. M. Burrall 9k


  • Crawford 7k
  • 3-1

  • K. Burrall 6k
  • 2-2

  • Kreiss 9k
  • 0-4

    Next Tournament:

    Saturday, February 27, 1999, 9am to 6pm, CSUS University Union.

    The Club Championships Standings

    The club gives a free membership and a small cash prize to the players in Division I and II with the most wins. You must be a member and play in 3 or more tournaments in the year. Last year's winners were Steve Burrall, 4D, with 10 wins, and Dean Snieg owski, 2k, with 11 wins.

    Division I

    1. F. Berkenkotter 2k

    9 wins

  • S. Burrall 5D
  • 8 wins

  • W. Haynes 1k
  • 8 wins

    Division II

    1. J. Murphy 4k

    9 wins

  • M. Burrall 9k
  • 8 wins

  • G. Crawford 8k
  • 8 wins

    A Go Autobiography

    by Jeff Newmiller

    [Continued from Oct 98. Jeff had just won a go clock in the May 1994 tournament.]

    The sad epilogue is that I left my pack unattended last year while I played a game with Nick Ballard 5D and that clock was stolen from the Cafe Roma. My improvement since I was 8kyu has probably been inspired most by the enthusiasm of Peter Kent and Louis Abronson. Both of these players passed me up on my way to 3 kyu and have now moved on to other clubs.

    Around the end of 1996, Jim Marable stopped putting so much effort into the club, its newsletter, and web pages. While Frank and Willard have capably continued to produce the newsletter and lead the tournaments, the web pages went untended for almost a year before I obtained the sources from Jim and moved them to my web account. I try to keep near-term events posted there, as well as following Jim's lead in posting past issues of the newsletter there.

    I have given up on controlling my addiction to the game, and have recently started to play regularly on the Internet as well as at the club. Nevertheless, I much prefer playing in person, and hope that our dan-level members continue to frequent the Cafe Roma and pull us kyu players out of our fantasies and into some serious Go!

    Shanghai Trip

    by Steve Burrall

    Thanks to the efforts of Ernest Brown, Mayor Willie Brown included a Go team in his delegation that traveled to Shanghai the last week in September for a sister city celebration. The team consisted of Ernest, Jujo Jiang, ChiHung Chan, Paul Ohmart and myself. Also in the delegation were business people, a women's soccer team, a Baptist choir and another singing group. We were treated to a week of lavish food and hotel accomodations (only paid for the plane tickets), a variety of entertainment including some fairly surrealistic events, the dazzling spectre of the ultimate boom-town (Shanghai) and lots of Go games.

    During the last three days of the week we diverged from the rest of the delegation to attend a variety of Go events arranged by Jujo. The hospitality of the Chinese players was wonderful. There was the official Go tourney, attended by the mayor, where we were matched against the top pros in Shang-hai (luckily Jujo talked them into giving us three stone handicaps) and Jujo defeated his 7-dan opponent in the only serious match. This was televised.

    [To be continued]

    Annual Report

    by F. Berkenkotter

    This year, like many, we began with a reduced membership and again went over 30 members by years end. I caution, our budget comes out even with about 32 members. Our schedule came off without too many problems, it is clear that proposed tournament dates are tentative, but the postcard is the notice. Computerized pairings and ratings were introduced this year which has improved our tournaments. Our thanks to Fred Hopkins for this. Our thanks, also, to Will Haynes who produced and edited the newsletter you are reading, and who also does so many tasks for our club. And our thanks to Jeff Newmiller for maintaining our web site, and to Steve Burrall and None Redmond for increasing our go playing opportunities, and to many others. Looking at 1999, I place a task before you, one that I've learned from some time in this job. We need four to six new Go players to sustain ourselves from normal member attrition. If they watch for longer than a second, get a flyer in their hand. I'm looking forward to an exciting 1999.

    Friday Night Sessions

    by F. Berkenkotter

    You have heard about the Friday evening sessions at None Redmond's and Steve Burrall's residences. As of this writing, one session has taken place at None's and two sessions at Steve's. The session at None's was a great success with 9 players showing up. The evening was enriched by Steve's reviewing a game he played with Jujo Jiang, 9 dan pro. The "at home" environment seems more suited for such analysis which we really don't have available elsewhere.

    Steve has suppllied this schedule for the next sessions: Dec. 18 (at None's), and Jan 8, Jan 22, Feb 5, Feb 19 (at Steve's). He also says that the Dec. 4 meeting was sufficiently attended to be successful and continued the format of beginning with about 15 min. of Pro-commented moves on a demo board shortly after 7pm, then dessert, then games with an effort made to provide as much post-game analysis as possible.

    The directions and phone number for Steve are 99 south, Bond east(left), Elk Grove Florin north (left at Albertsons), a quick left on West Camden, continue through the traffic circle, left on Allister, right on Bridgewater, 9021 at end of street, phone 685-1504.

    Playing Sites in the Area

    Newsletter Archive

    by F. Berkenkotter

    If anyone is interested, I have assembled files on the club's past newsletters, mailing lists, and budgets. Over 100 names have appeared on our club's member and player lists since 1988.

    Simul with Ned Phipps

    On Oct. 10th, a simultaneous match was held between Ned Phipps, 6D and 8 of our club members. Ned won all of his games and afterwards he analyzed several of the games.

    1999 Tournament Schedule

    The tournaments of 1999 will be held on these Saturdays.

    These dates are contingent on getting reservations. We will also try to schedule 2 simuls in March and October.

    Club Ratings

    by F. Hopkins

    The following list of final ratings for 1999 includes the names of anyone who played in one of our tournaments this year.

    S. Burrall517
    K. Burrall-900
    M. Burrall-1091

    Dues Payments

    Please make checks payable to Frank Berkenkotter, not the club, as a club bank account would be too expensive.

    AGA Membership

    The club is an affiliate of the American Go Association. If you are interested in individual membership in the AGA, dues are $25 per year. Please write to:

    American Go Association
    P.O. Box 397
    Old Chelsea Station
    New York, NY 10113

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