2010-2011 Battle of the Textbook

Objective: To motivate students to review they learnt in the class during the school year.

The competition contains two stages: Stage 1 and Stage 2.

  • Stage 1
    1. Teachers at each grade will compile a list of 50 questions and the corresponding standard answers based on the textbook for their respective grades and provide a digital copy in MS Word to the school by March 13, 2011. The 50 questions should contain 15 multiple choices (A, B, C, or D), 15 filling in blanks, and 20 Q&A questions.  CC class will be all multiple choices. Questions should be numbered from 1 through 50. Students should be able to find answers directly from the textbook.
    2. The 50 questions will be distributed to all students on March 20, 2011. Standard answers will not be distributed.
    3. Students will have 3 weeks to work on the questions at home and submit their answers to their teachers on April 10, 2011.
    4. Teachers will grade student answer sheets and summarize student grades in digital format. The grade summary sheet should include the class name, the # of students in the class, # of students who submitted their answer sheets, student names, the # of question answered and the # of question answered correctly of each student. Both original student answer sheets and the digital summary sheet should be submitted to the school no later than April 24.
    5. Top 3 winners will be selected based on % of students submitted answer sheets in the class. Only top 3 classes will be ranked. Ties are allowed. The rest of classes will not be ranked.
    6. Award: top 3 winners will be awarded with a pizza party for their respective classes before the end of school year.
    7. All students who submitted their answer sheets will receive participation awards after Stage 2 competition.
  • Stage 2
    1. Teacher at each class should develop a set of criteria for selecting 3-6 students to represent her class in Stage 2 Competition to the school by April 3. 2011.
    2. Based on the student grades during Stage 1 Competition and pre-developed selection criteria, teachers should select 3-6 students to represent the class in Stage 2 Competition and report the selected students’ names to the school on April 24. Because 6 questions are asked for each class during Stage 2 Competition, teachers should decide in advance who answer 2 questions and who answer one question, if the number of students they selected is other than 3 or 6.
    3. Stage 2 Competition will be held during the class time on May 1, 2011.
    4. The format of Stage 2 will be an oral competition in front of students from all classes.
    5. 3 or 6 students from each class will orally answer total of 6 questions, i.e. each of 3 or 6 students will answer 2 or 1 question. The time for each question is 30 seconds. Teachers may read each question twice. 6 questions will be random picked by numbers right before competition starts.
    6. Kindergarten will not enter the Stage 2 competition but they will sing songs at the beginning of the competition or during the break time (if there is one arranged). A pizza party will be awarded as long as all students open their months (crying counts but staring doesn’t) J
    7. 13 other classes will be randomly arranged into groups with group sizes of 4, 4, and 5.
    8. 3 classes with highest total score will be awarded with a pizza party for their respective classes before the end of school year. If there are more than 3 classes with highest scores due to tied scores, % class attendance for the Stage 2 will be next criterion. Ties are allowed only after both criteria are applied. In case a class wins both Stage1 and Stage 2, the 2nd pizza party will be awarded to the class with the next highest score. The rest of classes will not be ranked.
    9. A trophy will be awarded to each of representatives from top 3 classes.