NewStar Welcome Beijing Olympics, School Wide Chinese Word Contest

NewStar Chinese School will hold a Chinese Word Contest on May 9, 2008 at MPR of Davis Senior High School.  The theme for our contest is welcome Beijing Olympics. Every student will participate in this team activity. Attached, please find the word bank for the contest. Our teachers will start to prepare our students for the contest. Parents are welcomed to get involved and help the students to memorize the words and use the word in a phrase.

Chinese Word bank

The NewStar Chinese School held its first school wide Chinese Words Recognition Contest on May 9 in the MPR at the Davis Senior High School. Many students from the conversion class, Kindergarten to Eight grade assembled teams of six or seven to compete with each other. They have spent the past two months studying words from a word bank created by our teachers according their textbooks. All of the teams were excited and well prepared during the competition. We want to thank our teachers for all the preparing work they have done especially Qingning Chen for drafting the rules, Xinyu Shao for hosting the contest, Tingjuan Gao for waited the custodian to come after everyone left the contest at night. We want to thank Haiyan Ge, Wenjuan  Zen and Xiaowei Bai to be our judges. We also want to think our parents’ support and our students’ participation. Since some teams’ student numbers changed between first and second rounds, the school will give awards to everyone who participated in this event.

School picture 2008