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Hello Everyone,

The Palms Playhouse is excited to announce the passing of the baton to new owners Andrew Fridae and Nora Cary, both of Winters. They will continue presenting shows at The Winters Opera House on Main Street in downtown Winters and plan to continue with an eclectic mix of national touring bands, and regional and local acts. Andrew has experience in both music and theater. In Portland he was in a folk band called Skidmore Bluffs, which played regionally and also toured. He has also been very active in theater as a director, actor and writer. Nora Cary has likewise had a lifelong interest in the arts. She is also the daughter of one the region's busiest and well-regarded acoustic musicians, Keith Cary, who has played in dozens of bands throughout the Sacramento region for over 30 years.

Both Andrew and Nora are smart, energetic and driven individuals with a love for music and the arts in general and will be terrific stewards of what has been a regional treasure for more than 35 years.

I expect Andrew and Nora to continue with many of the musical elements that has made The Palms what it is, and I also expect them to put their own spin on what they want to produce and what they think will work and be successful. I will happily be available to give advice or recommendations to them when such advice is wanted.

I am happy that The Palms Playhouse is in good hands with Nora and Andrew, both focused individuals who may well be able to lead The Palms Playhouse onward for another 30 or so years.

And of course as I retire I want to express my utmost thanks to many people....first of all to the many, many extraordinary performers, musicians, true artists who have performed here at The Palms during the past decades. I think we all recognize that no matter what the style of music, the performers who have played here are the best in the world at what they do and I know I feel lucky to have been associated with them. I fully expect this level of talent to continue as Andrew and Nora take the reins. And secondly, none of this could happen if there wasn't an audience that felt equally as lucky and was willing to buy tickets to see them that is you. Thank you for coming to the shows. You really have been the best audience anyone in our position could wish for. You have been passionate, respectful, friendly, very generous, knowledgeable and loyal. Thank you to all who have shared an evening with us.

And of course to all those who have helped behind the scenes, I am grateful to you all.

Thank you all so much.

Dave Fleming
The Palms Playhouse