Davis  Education   Foundation  (DEF)

Post Office Box 1801 - Davis, California 95617

Established 1991


Organizational History of the Davis Educational Foundation

The Davis Education Foundation was founded as a private non-profit corporation by a small group of Davis residents who were united by a common concern for increasing levels of funding for K-12 education in the Davis community.

The founding members of the Board of Directors were Ruth Asmundson, Bill Bernheim, Janice Bridge, Nancy Foster, Steve Gerber, Mike Hayes, Carlos Kohan, Bob Lew, Bill Retzer, and Leon Schimmel.  The first officers were: Bill Retzer, President; Bill Bernheim, Vice President; Nancy Foster, Secretary; and Bob Lew, Treasurer.

The group began meeting in May 1991.  The Davis Education Foundation was incorporated on 11 July 1991.  The DEF received its final tax exempt status  (501-c-3) on 31 December 1991.  At the January 1992 meeting of the DEF Board of Directors, the DEF Board members voted to extend the maximum number of Board positions to 21.

(For more information on how you can participate in Davis Education Foundation activities please contact John Russell Batchelder at jrbatch@jps.net or Cynthia Ann Walker at cw@jps.net . Thank you for your interest in improving educational opportunities for K-12 students in Davis.)