Davis  Education   Foundation  (DEF)

Post Office Box 1801 - Davis, California 95617

Established 1991


Mission Statement of the Davis Education Foundation

The mission of the Davis Education Foundation is to fund excellence and broaden educational opportunities in the Davis K-12 public schools.

The goals of the Davis Education Foundation are:

1. To conduct fund raising activities to develop new resources to further the goals of K-12 education in Davis.

2. To increase private support for public education in Davis.

3. To strengthen the relationship between the community and the schools.

The priorities for grant making are projects that are focussed on K-12 grade level students, have a lasting impact, are program oriented as opposed to group oriented, and promote creative and innovative approaches to education.

DEF seeks to be able to place fifty percent of all monies raised in an endowment fund  which will provide a more secure base of funding for future educational programs.

(For more information on how you can participate in Davis Education Foundation activities please contact John Russell Batchelder at jrbatch@jps.net or Cynthia Ann Walker at cw@jps.net . Thank you for your interest in improving educational opportunities for K-12 students in Davis.)