Patwin Elementary School

2222 Shasta Drive

Davis, CA 95616


Patwin Technology Meeting Minutes

October 7, 1998

7:00 - 9:30 p.m.


Introductions--The following people were in attendance: Jeff Zall, Linda Birse, Peggie Feldstein, Leigh West Hyde, John R. Batchelder, Mark Cary, Wendy Chason, Dave Woods, Eugene Takahashi, Gail Halliday, and Diane Zimmerman. Holly Slade was absent due to illness.

Current State of Affairs at Patwin--Diane Zimmerman reviewed the current status of technology at Patwin. Wendy Chason volunteered to compile a list of the computers available to teachers/students in the school. We do not have a current list of all donated computers. Currently the computer lab is used for key boarding, word processing, Logo, graphing, skills practice, and spreadsheets. Future needs are Internet connectivity, CD ROM programs, teacher use to improve productivity, e-mail, local school news, and administrative uses including grading programs. We also discussed the use of portable keyboards to increase word processing opportunities. John Batchelder was going to find out about costs of portable key boards.

LocalNet Presentation--Anthony James provided a sales demonstration of the newest LocalNet Access Program being designed by Turner Communications. This is a set-top box with a detachable keyboard that hooks into a TV. The cost of the units is around $350 and service costs $19.95 per month. Anthony was going to check to see if a school discount could be offered for the service fee. Unfortunately he was unable to demonstrate the system as we were unable to locate an analog phone line.

Discussion about Platforms: The group discussed the pros and cons of the various platforms.


Macintosh (Apple MAC OS)

Option Pros

Option Cons

Option Pros

Option Cons

variety/more vendors

cheaper for base


requires careful

ordering (components


teacher familiarity

utilizes current


has education focus

network administration


long term future of

Apple is questioned

Imac is closed system

G3 more expensive

than PC

Peggie Feldstein agreed to put together a price list that compares the cost of Dell, Gateway, and various Macintosh options. John Batchelder and Jeff Zall agreed to continue to work on the Patwin Web page.

Those present were encouraged to come to the PTA Association meeting on October 28 as technology would be one of the agenda items. John Batchelder plans to do a presentation about e-commerce affiliations.

Minutes submitted by Diane Zimmerman, Principal, Patwin Elementary School, 2222 Shasta Drive, Davis, CA, 95616.