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Please patronize the E-commerce sponsors on this page and support Patwin School. For the Patwin School PTA to be credited for your patronage of our e-commerce sponsors it is necessary for you to use the links to the sponsors' online stores that are included on this page.  
  • Enroll in Safeway's e-scrip program to have a percentage of your Safeway purchases benefit Patwin.

    Join eScrip now and start making money for Patwin...just by shopping for groceries! We made close to $10,000 last year through eScrip. This is the easiest fundraiser we have available to us and it doesn't involve any soliciting. Here is how it works:

    By registering your Safeway Club Card number through eScrip, every time you shop at Safeway a percentage of your grocery total cost is donated to Patwin. ESI (eScrip) automatically tracks your purchase totals and calculates the profits. You only need to enter your Club number (or phone number) when you shop at Safeway. That's it! There is no additional cost to you.

    Please join the other Patwin families who use eScrip in one of two ways:

    Register your Safeway Club Card number on-line at


    Bring your Safeway Club Card to the Fall Social Pizza Dinner and we'll do the rest!

    Be sure to join today so we can enjoy the benefits the profits can bring to Patwin!

  • back to schoolJust one more thing…

    Do you eat? Of course you do! Where do you go to the market? Safeway, Albertsons, Ray's, Nugget, Coop and Longs? Did you know that just by shopping at these stores, you can raise money for Patwin?

    By purchasing "Scrip" (gift certificates) to your grocery store at face value, Patwin will receive 3%-10% of your total purchase amount. Here's how it works…you order the amount of Scrip you will spend on groceries every other Wednesday by filling out the order form in the weekly newsletter. We (PTA) purchase the Scrip from the merchants at a discounted rate, thus making a profit from your purchase.

    Scrip is just like cash - and it cost you no more than what you are already spending on your family's groceries.

    We've made it easier than ever for you! We will offer Scrip twice a month, and, new this year, we have order forms available on our Patwin website or by email (details to come)!

    Details....We will have paper Scrip available for the following merchants: Safeway (new scrip debit cards this year and can be used in conjunction with eScrip!)...Davis Food Coop...Ray's Food Place....Longs Drugs....Lamppost...and other specialty featured Scrip.

    Safeway - join eScrip and use the Safeway scrip cards tool

    Albertsons - partnership cards are available, free of charge. Show your card when you pay for your groceries at Albertsons and they will automatically track 2% of your expenditures and send a check to Patwin. Cards are available in the Scrip box in the office.

    Nugget - turn your receipts into the Nugget envelope in the Scrip box in the office. We get 1% of all purchases (minus alcohol, cigarettes). Sorry, purchases made by credit card are not eligible.

    Please give Scrip a try. It is the easiest way to support Patwin. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us. We look forward to meeting you this year! Thank you!

    Cindy Nelson, Scrip –

  • lets Patwin earn 10% or more of purchase amounts when you buy by internet or phone from one of hundreds of merchants. Patwin even earns money when you just surf through sites.

Shop at a variety of stores and a portion of the sale will benefit Patwin

Persons interested in obtaining more information on how to use the Internet to facilitate nonprofit organizations' communication and fundraising efforts will want to browse the Philanthropy Journal Online at:

The Patwin School community and our e-commerce sponsors  thank you for your generous support.