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What Is The Davis Community Network (DCN)?

Community networking can be defined as what happens when people get together to solve problems or respond to opportunities.

"Community networks", on the other hand, are the place-based, community owned and operated electronic spaces where community networking can take place. DCN is a "community network".

In the U.S. community networks bring local people together to discuss their community's issues and opportunities, learn about Internet technology, and decide upon and create services to address community needs and opportunities. Community networks usually are made up of groups that make up a community (eg., libraries, Universities, schools, local government, businesses, media, individuals), with special focus on including those who are traditionally left out of community decisionmaking in general, and technology decisionmaking in particular (eg., low-income, youth, minorities, senior citizens). Community Network projects value collaboration and participation, and are usually noncommercial.

Community Network projects usually provide training on the use of the Internet, general computer skills, and basic research skills. Most projects provide public access sites in libraries, schools, businesses, and nonprofit organizations, as well as free or low-cost access accounts. Many projects also provide free or low-cost Web design & development for nonprofit organizations, and provide a matchmaking service between nonprofits' technical needs, and Community Network volunteers' technical abilities.

An online presence is usually created by the Community Network project that is a reflection of its particular community. This presence is nowadays usually on the World Wide Web, and typically provides: official and not-official community information; special interest groups focusing on community members' interests and hobbies; news and events; community members' poetry, stories, commentary; and some kind of discussion capabilities (eg., discussion groups or chat).

DCN Office: 1170 Fifth Street, Davis, CA 95616 (530-750-1170)
The current Internet Service Provider for DCN is Omsoft: 802 Second Street, Davis (530-758-0119) In order to support community networking, local subscribers use DCN as a conduit to the Internet by subscribing through Omsoft.

Page last updated: November 30, 1999
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