JavaScript Page

Examples of: onClick, onBlur, onChange, onSubmit, onMouseOver events.
This page will work for you only if you have a Java enabled browser.
The idea here is that you try out each of the following events to see if they work for you. I have written JavaScript code to make each one happen and the result on this page is a bit pedestrian. However, as I beome more proficent I shall make some more interesting, interactive pages. At the bottom of the page you will find an onMouseOver event linking you to a JavaScript Quiz and a regular link to a Color Picker that is fun to use.

onClick events
Click on each of these and you will get a JavaScript alert box with a message.

1. Standard Link

2. Radio Button

3. Check Box

4. Button

5. Reset

An onBlur event ...
Write your names once and see them twice!

FIRST NAME [tab] to next field

LAST NAME [tab] again

Your FULL NAME surprise!

An onChange event ...
This won't do your math homework but it will add some numbers for you.

Delete the 0 and enter your first value: then [tab].

Second value: [tab]

Third value: and [tab] again


An onSubmit event ...

Enter only FIVE letters or numbers please:

(Warning: the page will reload as the onSubmit event is finishing.
Don't worry it won't take long!)

An onMouseOver event ...

Pass the mouse over here ...Mystery link! - what does the Alert Window say?

And now, try passing the mouse over the link below and look at the bottom status bar - does it give the URL as you might expect?

and another mystery link. .... See the status bar below?
Now try clicking on the link!

And here, as promised, is the link to the Color Picker. I re-designed the page but did not invent the JavaScript code that makes it work.

I had fun making this page and hope you had fun trying it out. If anything didn't work for you, I would be grateful if you would email me and let me know what browser you use, whether you use a Mac or a PC, and what didn't work.

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