Resources for Seniors

I know that some of these sites are better than others and I welcome hearing from you about the characteristics and value of each one.
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A. What's happening at community networks?
  1. Blacksburg Electronic Village []
B. Local (Davis area) Resources
  1. Davis Senior Citizens Center []
  2. Citizens Who Care provides social support services to older adults and their caregivers. These services are provided by trained, caring volunteers in Yolo County and neighboring communities.
C. General Resources for Seniors
  1. Age of Reason (previously SeniorsNet) []
  2. Seniors USA []
  3. ElderWeb []
  4. Selected Sites of Interest to Seniors []
  5. SeniorNet []
  6. Seniors-Site []
  7. Senior Living Newspapers []
D. Grandparenting
  1. Index of Grandparenting Resources []
E. Travel
  1. Seniors-Site Index - Travel for Senior Citizens []
  2. Elderhostel - a nonprofit organization providing educational adventures all over the world to adults aged 55 and over. Study the literature of Jane Austen in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, or travel to Greece to explore the spectacular art and architecture of its ancient civilization, or conduct field research in Belize to save the endangered dolphin population. Elderhostel is for people on the move who believe learning is a lifelong process.
F. Food and Nutrition
  1. "Ask a Dietitian" for advice: []
  2. Menus and Recipes - Your recommendations are welcomed
  3. Nutrition Guidelines []
G. Aging and Minorities
  1. Closing the Gap []
H. Make Connections with others (On-Line Forums)
  1. Future of Medicare (sponsored by SeniorNet & MetLife) []
  2. SeniorNet Roundtables [^1481@]
  3. WebChat (Over Sixty-Chat) []
I. Learn Something New
  1. Tourbus: [] "TOURBUS is a virtual tour of the best of the Internet, delivered by e-mail to over 80,000 people in 120 countries. If you're new to the 'Net you should consider the TOURBUS required riding. And even old-timers will find this a valuable refresher course in what's hot, what's cool, and what's plain fun in cyberspace. Besides, your ticket is free!
    TOURBUS is brought to you by the team of Patrick Douglas Crispen, creator of the popular ROADMAP series and Bob Rankin, freelance writer and author of several books including "JUNO: Free E-Mail and More!" Patrick and Bob serve as your tour guides, serving up a new issue every Tuesday and Thursday with their own informative and humorous commentaries."
  2. Science Daily: today's headlines; research news:[]
  3. The Why Files: - the science behind today's news:[]
  4. The Armchair Scientist:
    - Science and Technology Magazine: []

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