Richard Lowenberg has been Executive Director of the Davis Community Network (DCN) and its Yolo Area Regional Network (YARN) initiative since October, 1996.

This non-profit organization has, to date, received support from the University of California at Davis, California Department of Transportation (CalTrans), City of Davis, County of Yolo, Davis Joint Unified School District, Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CivNet Grant), USGS' National Spatial Data Infrastructure Program, ESRI, Inc. and the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center; and developed partnerships with Internet provider OmSoft Technologies, Yolo County Office of Education, Yolo County Libraries, Natural Resources Conservation Service and Resource Conservation District of Yolo County, County of Yolo and regional city governments, and many other government agencies, university departments, non-profit organizations and regional businesses.

DCN and YARN are tele-community initiatives which will hopefully serve as 'living laboratories' within which to demonstrate 'an ecology of the information society'.


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