Exercise 1b.

Reproduce the following without looking at its source code. (Some help is given below.)

Educational Resources

Davis Joint Unified School District

Birch Lane Elementary Web Site

Private Schools

Davis Waldorf School


University of California at Davis
D-Q University

Other Educational Resources

EXPLORIT Science Center
Hattie Weber Museum of Davis
Yolo County Library, Davis Branch

Last Updated: January 18, 1999
Courtesy of the Davis Community Network
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The tags to use include the following: <H2> </H2> <FONT SIZE=?> </FONT> <BR> <B> </B> <H3> </H3> <CENTER> </CENTER> <P> <HR WIDTH="25%">
<A HREF="URL">name of place </A>
<A HREF="mailto:your email address"</A>

Creating the links (from the words on your page, to the file other files on the Internet ) you construct them like this:

<A HREF="URL address"> the linked words </A>
eg. <A HREF="http://www.efn.org/~dharmika/">"Good Green Fun":</A>

Here are the URLs for the places you will need to make links for:

http://darsie.ucdavis.edu/DWS/ (Davis Waldorf School)
http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us//go/dquaaa/ (D-Q University)
http://infopeople.berkeley.edu:8000/YolDav/ (Yolo County Library, Davis Branch)