1. Open a new file in a simple text editor (NotePad, Simple Text, Teach Text etc. ) or in a normal word processor such as Microsoft Word (You must remember in the latter case to always carefully "Save As" a Text Only file from the pull down menu.

2. Open your browser and make sure that you will be able to switch easily back and forth from bowser to text editor windows. (On a PC you should be able to hold down the [alt] key and tap the [tab] key until the name of the application you want appears in the tiny window in the center of the screen)

3. Type into a new NotePad file the following html file - then "Save" it, naming it tablpage.htm (or tablepage.html) noting WHERE it is saved then, from your browser's File menu, choose "Open File" to view your new document:

[To view this table]

<TITLE>Exercise #2</TITLE>
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="A poem by Robert Frost">
<CENTER> <TABLE width=400 border=10>
<TD><IMG SRC="images/image.gif" width="400" height="55" border="3""> </TD>

<H2> Poem in a table </H2>

<TABLE border="5" cellpadding="5" width="400">

<TH colspan="2" bgcolor="#abcdef"> Fire and Ice </TH>

<TD align="center" colspan="2"> Some say the world will end in fire, <BR> Some say in ice. </TD>

<TD valign=top> From what I've tasted of desire <BR> I hold with those who favor fire. </TD>
<TD valign=top>
But if it had to perish twice, <BR> I think I know enough of hate <BR> To say that for destruction ice <BR> Is also great <BR> And would suffice.
<P align=right><FONT size="-1">Robert Frost</FONT></P> </TD>


<HR align=left width="50%">
<A HREF="mailto:Your-Email-Address"> Your-email-address (Your Name)</A> </P>

4. SAVE the file and test it again with your browser.