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About TREE Davis

Who are we?

TREE Davis' mission is to enhance the Davis urban forest while educating area residents, businesses, schools, and other organizations on the value of trees in our community. Inspired by the need to educate people about the benefits, importance and needs of urban trees, a small group of dedicated individuals formed TREE Davis in 1992.

We are committed to educating the residents of Davis through a variety of programs and workshops. Technical advice, tree planting demonstrations, community planting projects, tree maintenance and pruning workshops, classroom programs and educational literature are among the many activities and services that TREE Davis offers.

Central Park Valley Oak

Trees & people

Since our inception in 1992 we have:
  • Worked with over 2,000 volunteers to plant 7,000 new trees;
  • Coordinated educational programs with area schools and community groups, including Birch Lane, Cesar Chavez, North Davis, Patwin, Pioneer and Willett Elementary Schools, Holmes Junior High, Emerson Junior High, Davis High School, Davis School for Independent Study, UC Davis, University Extension, the Yolo Basin Foundation, the Boy and Girl Scouts, and the Davis Rotary Club;
  • Established a partnership with the City of Davis Parks and Community Services Department, Tree Commission, and Tree Maintenance Division to involve Davis citizens in the planting and maintenance of our urban forest;
  • Published a quarterly newsletter, Branching Out, and educational brochures on tree planting, tree establishment, and selecting quality nursery stock;
  • Coordinated the volunteer activities for the 1998 national Make a Difference Day tree planting at the Vic Fazio Wildlife Area where 200 volunteers helped plant 3,600 native California trees and shrubs;
  • Planted and maintained a 3.2 mile Adopt-a-Highway site on State Highway 113;
  • Sponsored free community workshops on tree care, planting, maintenance, and urban forestry/environmental education.

New Planting

Our goals for the future

As our success grows, so do the expectations of the community. Future projects include parking lot shade monitoring, an ongoing series of free tree care workshops, and our tree care partnership with the City of Davis.

We are committed to educating the public about trees because we see urban and community forestry as part of the solution to the problems of today and tomorrow. Bringing people together to act as stewards for our community, our country and our planet is a form of empowerment. Teaching people to care for and plant trees can be used as a stepping stone for increased environmental action. Planting a tree is not just something you do for fun; planting a tree can help reduce pollution, provide cooling shade on a summer's day, bring neighbors together, increase property values, reduce crime, foster community cooperation, and provide habitat for local wildlife. Planting and caring for trees instills hope for the future. We thank you for being a part of that hope.

TREE Davis Program Highlights

Tree Planting

Ever wonder how your membership donations are used? Well, check out what we've been up to since 1992!

Tree Planting

Community tree plantings are the cornerstone of our public outreach program. Since our inception in 1992, we have worked with over a 1,000 volunteers to plant close to 4,000 new trees. Because we are a public, non-profit organization, all of our trees are planted on public property, for everybody to enjoy. In an effort to keep costs down, we use grant funds to pay for most of our planting material. And of course, there is no greater way to leverage our funds, to help the environment, and to grow a sense of community than to use volunteers to plant the trees! This picture shows 3rd grade students from North Davis Elementary planting trees for Earth Day 1993. UC Davis Grounds Division, TREE Davis members, the Davis Rotary, and students, staff, and parents from North Davis teamed up to plant 100 trees.

Community Workshops

As an organization, our mission is to educate the public about the needs, benefits, and importance of urban trees. Part of fulfilling that mission is to provide free workshops to the community. In the past, we have provided two types of workshops: general education for community members, and training workshops for volunteers who help us with our stewardship and education programs. Participants learn about the importance of selecting the right tree for the right place, planting preparation and technique, and proper pruning skills. Our stewardship training workshops teach volunteers how to properly prune and care for young trees. Once trained, these volunteers prune and care for trees on local greenbelts, schools, and parks. Our educational workshops provide instruction in urban forestry and environmental education.


In partnership with the Davis Rotary Club, TREE Davis has adopted a 3.2 mile stretch of Highway 113. To date, we have worked with hundreds of volunteers to plant and maintain the east side of the freeway from Covell Boulevard to County Road 29. All of the plants are native to the Central Valley, and are well equipped to survive our long, hot summers, and cool, wet winters. In this 1997 picture, personnel from McClellan Air Force Base are installing temporary irrigation to help give the trees a head start. Each year we hold a work day to clean up the site, check irrigation, re-plant, mulch, and weed. Plans are currently under way to plant the west side of the highway and the southeast off-ramp at Covell Boulevard.

Public Outreach

In an effort to educate the public, we strive to provide a number of public outreach opportunities for our members and volunteers. We routinely setup a table at the Davis Farmers' Market and other community events to answer tree-related questions. In addition to answering questions, we sell t-shirts and notecards and distribute free educational materials, including our quarterly newsletter, Branching Out, and our brochures "Tree Planting", "Tree Establishment" and "Selecting Quality Nursery Stock."

Collaborative Projects

Every so often a project comes along that we just can't say "no" to ... and the 1998 Make a Difference Day tree planting at the Yolo Basin Wildlife Area was just such a project! In December 1997 we were approached by Robin Kulakow, the executive director of the Yolo Basin Foundation (YBF) to help coordinate a tree planting in the Wildlife Area. The project was a joint effort between TREE Davis, YBF, California Department of Fish and Game, and the Army Corps of Engineers. After months of coordination, dozens of emails, hundreds of phone calls, and lots of sweat equity, close to 200 volunteers helped to plant 3,500 native California trees and shrubs on Sunday October 25, 1998. All of the plants are native to the Sacramento Valley, and are well adapted to long, hot summers and occasional winter flooding. Species include valley oak, cottonwood, willow, white alder, sycamore, Oregon ash, box elder, button bush, California rose, and mule fat.


TREE Davis: (530) 758-7337,
P.O. Box 72053 Davis CA 95617

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