Where to find Free Professional Comics on the Internet

Here are a collection of links to good, clean, free, professional Internet comics that you can read at free public access Internet sites. I think there are more than two hundred different comics titles available here, and hundreds more Internet only comics by hobbyists and would be professionals at this link

Important Big Newspaper Comics Sites

All of these sites have top professional newspaper comics, like Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, Peanuts, and Zits, and many you have never heard of. Some of them have old classics like Lil' Abner and Dick Tracy.

After you have explored one site you can get back to this page by searching for clean comics on Google. This page is always close to number one for the words clean comics and free comics on Google, it is always on the first page.

Or you can book mark this page, you can always remove it later.

  • gocomics.com More than 200 comics page comics plus some editorial comics. Some of them go back many years, even decades.

    For example read what I believe is the whole Calvin and Hobbes. Click on the calendar just above the comic between the forward and back arrows or triangles. At the top of the calendar that pops up click on the arrow pointing down go to 2002. You will get nothing that year because there is no Calvin and Hobbes That year. Go back to the year arrow again, now you can go back to 1992, but don't stop there go back to 1985 and you will be able to start with the first Calvin and Hobbes on November 18, 1985, and click through ten years of joy to December 31, 1995. Of course you could click this link to the the beginning Nov. 18, 85 Calvin and Hobbes. It is true, I spoil you, and so does Go Comics, it is really fantastic.

    After Go Comics it goes down hill fast, but there are other sites.

    creators.com has over 50 comics but most are on gocomics, particularly the good ones. It is harder to go way back on creators.com. You have to do it month by month. There is a calendar to your right of the comic. If a few days from the previous month are showing click on one and that days comic will appear along with the calendar for the previous month. But, if the first day of the month is a Sunday, no days from the previous month will be on the calendar, so click on the arrow to your left on the comic that says prev for previous. This will take you to the last day of the previous month and give you the previous months calendar. On gocomics.com you can skip back a decade at a time, once again on creators comics you can only go back a month at a time. But creators does give you a lot of old comic strips. How many I do not know, I went back several months but did not have the patience to find the beginning of any strip. Once again all the strips I think are really funny are on the easier to use gocomics.

    King Features offers about 65 comics, most of which are not offered on Go Comics, including some major titles like Zits. Most of what you want is on Go Comics, most of the rest is King Features. To read King Features for free you go to one of the news papers that carry their comics, for example, The New York Daily News You maybe able to find a newspaper closer to you on this Wikipedia article on King Features, Comics Kingdom program. They only give you one month of each feature, so if you want to follow it you will have to check it at least once a month.

    For the real fan they have a service that you can pay for, called DailyINK. You can try it out for two dollars a month, not bad, and continue to subscribe for twenty dollars a year. I have wondered if you are allowed to go back through whole strips or is the deal more limited. For example, can you only read this months comics if you pay for this month. If anyone knows they can pass it on to me by e-mail, or posting on my YouTube public discussion area.

    Smaller commercial newspaper sites

    These are smaller commercial syndicatics with odd stuff I have never seen. Still fun to explore.

    artistmarket.com A large collection of cartoonists who are trying to break into the business, some funny stuff.

    corbettfeatures.com A smaller but still interesting syndicator

    Sites for individual comics

  • A comic about librarians

    Comics on Public Access Thoughts

    Always try to stay out of trouble on public access, that way they will not take it away from us and they may give us more.

    I have found that lots of the top sites found with the word clean comics, include both clean and not so clean comics. This is why I created this web page in the first place. I figured if you were searching for clean comics you should have the option to go to a reasonably clean source.

    Most public access computers do not allow you to prevent the loading of images, but a few do. If you are uncertain about a site you might want to set your browser to only load text, not images, if that is possible.

    I hesitate to encourage reading comics on our limited public access computers, but there are a lot more public access computers than when I first created this page and sometimes many computers are free and you have some time to relax so here are some web sites.

    I might also mention that most public libraries have an extensive collection of free comics in the adult non-fiction section under the call number 741.59. As turning a page is easier than messing with the Internet you might want to read your favorites from the library before you spend public access computer time on the comics.

    Besides this web site may help people who wish to read comics at home or work and do not want their wife, kids, boss, or coworkers to look over their shoulder at the wrong moment.

    Other Web pages on this web site.

  • Hundreds more comics only found on the web

  • Encourage your librarian to add graphic novels

  • Free Comics in Davis page

  • Pages on public access useful any where in the world

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