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  Friday, October 14th, Rick Shea and The Good Intentions, 7:30PM
Rick has been around the L.A. folk scene for many years. Rick’s songs reflect the folk, country, rock and Mexican influences he grew up with. As a songwriter Shea lets the songs find their own settings. “Starting out you might be hearing a song one way and then when it’s done realize it’s about something else altogether.”  And on his songwriting influences Shea says, “When I was younger Merle Haggard cast a long shadow, but since then Dave Alvin, Jim Ringer and a lot of other music has found its way in.” The Good Intentions are a duo from the U.K. who have come to L.A. to work with Rick, he has produced and played on their albums. The Good Intentions are husband and wife duo R Peter Davies and Gabrielle Monk. Based in Liverpool, they have emerged over the last few years as part of the new wave of UK alt-country acts. Fusing old-time country with a traditional British sensitivity, they have developed their own singular voice and sound. Their songs are rooted in the timeless music carried to America by the emigrants from the British Isles, most of whom departed from the very port where Peter and Gabrielle live.

Music will start at 7:30 and a $20.00 donation is requested with all proceeds going to the performers.

For information and reservations call (530) 753-3472 or email me, wjwagman@dcn.org. I hope to see you here.


Bill Wagman's House Concerts


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